Looking to run Mage: the Ascension for my next game, and it is gloriously weird. Player concepts include traditional wizards, martial artists, and reality-hackers a la the Matrix. Source-books include a cookbook. "I reject your reality and substitute my own", the game.

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I regularly see #FOSS compared communism. There are definitely similarities.

I won't go deeper into the subject but I want to point out that accepting the point is outright dangerous.

Until FOSS can provide for a living in a capitalist environment it should not take pride in the way it accepts contribution.

In isolation it looks very similar to the ideals of communism but in the broader context it exploits contributors more than an average corporation.

Update: TPK. Not to the traps, though, to the big bad. =[

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I see that I wrote this 8 years ago, and not much has changed since. That's frustrating.


My players, last week: "Let's not go into that temple yet - it sounds like it's full of traps."
Little do they realize they just gave me an extra week to design traps.

@codesections I joined after reading your excellent elevator pitch, as linked on slatestarcodex. Thanks for it!


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