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You know whats awesome about the fediverse?

Developers working together. This isn't a competition. Everyone wins.

Glad to hear you're able to use Flashbulb now!

I've prioritized the Fennec bug at the top of the backlog regardless. Thank you again for the bug report.

Thank you @amolith !

I'm sure you've seen our todo list, but if there's anything missing please let us know: gitlab.com/flashbulb/android/b

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Just installed @Flashbulb Beta and, while there are a few important features missing (hence, "Beta"), it's still perfectly useable already!

@Matter I wonder if Fennec is causing an issue -- it's given me unexpected interactions while developing.

If you don't mind, can you please try:

1. System Settings > Accounts > Flashbulb, Remove Account.
2. Try Flashbulb auth again.
3. After "Authorize" at OAuth prompt, kill Flashbulb, re-open it, press the Android back button.

Does that still give you an access token error?

Flashbulb beta has been out for a few weeks now, and we've taken a small pause to celebrate.

Time to unpause!

The next march is towards the F-Droid release: gitlab.com/flashbulb/android/b

The "to do" column is my plan of attack. Let us know how you can help!

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#PowWowFestival #Rotterdam

I have about 150 pictures to sort through. Hopefully a few will be acceptable.

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New Flashbulb release: 20180915.001.

- Bugfix: only hide sensitive images if they are still in memory.
- Hide keyboard after reporting a status.

That bugfix fixes a crash so we strongly recommend upgrading!


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@aadilayub @pixelfed

I have yet to try it but rumor has it that PixelFed implements the Mastodon API. Would you like to give it a try and let us know whether it works?

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@mikeburns Gets better the more I play with it. Gifs would never play on my phone's browser correctly, and I just enjoyed a lovely one starring a possum that worked perfectly. <3 I like being able to see photos clearly while writing the descriptions, too.

This is quite a thing. I hope you're feeling very proud :D

The first beta of Flashbulb - an Android media app for Mastodon - is now public. Boost selfies, fav doggos, and post birbs with ease and convenience.

Let us know about all bugs, from "uh it doesn't work" to "wow it's impressive how much this doesn't work"!

Try it now: flashbulb.app/


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