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⚙️ Installing extensions tutorial: use Nightly, go to settings, tap the logo and follow the print screens. User id 12325762 collection name fenix. You can make your own collection here is mine

⭐ After 7 months since it's release, Fenix reached the same rating Fennec used to have before the rewrite, that is 4.4 stars. Chrome has 4.1. What's next? ☺️

🍪 It seems like every few months or so a new GeckoView based browser appears on Android! The latest is called Biscuit, is privacy focused, GPL licensed and has some different approaches to UX. Check it out! @cookiejarapps

🎨 Not sure when this landed: new icons! They have a thin border and empty center. They look similar to the ones in Proton.

📌 Small tweak: pinned icon moved in the title of the top sites!

Yay! Navigation and share are non-scrollable in the new menu. Awesome!

👷🏼‍♀️ Wow. Tons of bug fixes today. People clearly came back from vacation.

🥳 Let's start the year on a positive note! Today let's focus on the good stuff. This helps us start the year with much needed energy. On Monday I'll post about what's broken and needs fixing, because we have that also. Until then, let's start a happy new year! 🍾🎉

The number of Fenix-based browsers is growing. Am I missing any from my collection?

👀 I'm still active. I still track Fenix and AC commits daily despite my recent lack of tweets/toots. I made a commitment to post only new features, not bug fixes. The dev team seems to be focused on fixing bugs. Lots of little anoying things got fixed recently. I aplaud that. 👏

🏠 The home screen is a tiny bit more accessible: now there is no background overlay when the search is focused so you don't need to tap twice when starting a top site. See before is darker than after.

🎉 After landing lots of small fixes, grid view for tabs is out of the secret settings and into the normal settings!

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