There were some heavy dance beat and expensive beer places that were open to 2, but I blew them off as well. Am I finally maturing at 54, or just getting old (and senile?).

So, my purpose for getting a room in Wichita's Old Town was so I could hit the bars and still walk back. I meant to go back out after the KLF "afterparty" tonight but when I got back to my room, I wanted to chill for a few minutes. At that point, the new craft breweries I wanted to check out were closing in less than an hour and I didn't think I could do them justice (maybe if one is open before I leave tomorrow).

So, today at Kansas Linux Fest, I wore my tShirt with the URLs of every Open Source podcast I could think of (sorry to the ones I missed). As we found out a couple years ago at the pan FOSS podcast table at OLF, the majority of Open Source enthusiasts don't know podcasts past TWIT and Jupiter Broadcasting. The one person who commented on the shirt today wasn't interested in podcasts. Still, I keep hoping against hope I may inspire someone to check out SMLR, TLLTS, HPR, GNUWorldOrder, etc.

@gorkon Also, great steady cam work and it looks like the work you did on the kitchen can out really well.

@klaatu Hey, long time, no talk, but I saw this video and thought of you I continue to be fascinated with low impact solutions while doing the opposite. If you listen to tllts, you know a hearse has been my daily driver this past year. Oh well, it gets better mileage than any of my pickups.

@x1101 @thaj
Also saw scooters with seats and electric "bicycles" down in Texas, so this for of transport is expanding and evolving.

Back home, thanks to everyone who followed my trip. I'll get the rest of my pics up in the next day. Also found out KLF ( is on for Aug. 9-11 in Wichita, please help spread the word. Since attendees tend to be local, and there are no hotels near the University (WSU), the conference does not book any rooms. My suggestion is to do what I have done, get a room in one of many fine hotels around OldTown, where you have many choices for meals and beverages in walking distance.

And so, our hero points his trusty Cadillac back north towards adventure, home, and glory.

And I was amazed how many positive comments I got on the car (OK, there was the mumbling to herself lady who thought I was Satan, but someone has to form the minority).

In a few minutes, I'll be pointing the Caddy South towards TXLF in Irving. Pics will be uploaded here First scheduled stop, the Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley OK

Let me know if you anyone else is going to Texas Linux Fest next weekend. I've started a Voxer group for everyone to stay in touch. So far, I know Mordancy, Joe from tllts, Ed Leach, and Danny Meeks are also attending. Two weeks later, I'll be at Hearse Con in Denver, so no SELF :)


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