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Took a day to modernize all my crypto. SSH keys are now all ed25519, except for one RSA 4096 (reMarkable 2). Also generated minisign and age keys to replace my barely-used PGP key.

I brief update: I now have all three (Invidious, Nitter, Teddit) running dockerized on my server. Pretty awesome.

Excited to see where these projects – free frontends for evil backends - go. I genuinely adore them.

I guess all that’s left is Bibliogram. I hope it expands further honestly, can’t wait for a privacy-respecting Facebook frontend lol.

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Haha I have triumphed. Just had to figure out where the project files were stored (with Sloth), and then deleted them for a fresh start. Good to go, lesson learned.

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Pirated Substance Alchemist, designed a material that I liked for a project I'm working on, everything's going great.

Got greedy and decided to see if an update would break the licensing. It did, and so I uninstalled their new version and went back to the pirated (but slightly outdated) binary.

Now I can't open the project because it's from a newer version of the software, but I also can't delete it because nowhere online does it say where the default project is stored on macOS.


Holy shit!

After ~6 months of not working at all, my touch bar has suddenly returned to life. Previously was off and unresponsive, System Preferences didn't recognize that one existed.

I've adjusted to using caps lock as my escape key, and not having access to function keys. Definitely going to be weird adjusting back, though don't think I'll move back to the digital escape key for ergonomics reasons.

Apple’s official Sketch libraries are awesome. Going to make designing app screenshots much more convenient. The iOS and watchOS editions come with high quality bezel mock-ups so I can just throw a screenshot in there and be done.

But, of course, the macOS one doesn’t have a device mock-up. Obviously.

*Literally* every time I submit an update for txtodo to Apple, they accept the iOS version and reject the macOS one. Without fail.

I love alternative frontends for things. Let’s you use a privacy-respecting portal to a shitty service. BUT... I’ve never gotten running on my server successfully, even with the default docker-compose. doesn’t yet offer a containerized version.

, on the other hand, is a fucking joy. Simple to setup, and never had an issue since. Only needs Redis, is fast to start and fast to load in my browser. 10/10, mad props to Zedeus.

Uhh yeah it’s still being rejected. Told them that I do, in fact, use the system they’re rejecting me for not using. They then changed the rejection, saying they simply don’t know where I’m using IAP. I told them where, haven’t received a response yet. I don’t think these fuckers have opened the app since the first submission.

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New update: I tried to convince them but given that they’re the biggest company on the planet and I’m some internet fuck I lost. Implemented in-app purchase for iOS and macOS, removed Liberapay, submitted again. iOS was approved, macOS rejected for not using IAP – which it does. *smh*

Will keep you all informed of the journey as it progresses.

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Update: the iOS app and macOS app have exactly the same text – “if you enjoy txtodo, please consider supporting its development” and a link “donate on liberapay.” iOS app was approved without a hitch, macOS version rejected. Huh.

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Well, it finally happened. In my rewrite of txtodo (my todo list app where tasks expire after 24 hours), I was too lazy to implement in-app purchases. Instead, I linked to my Liberapay account. Naturally, Apple rejected the app and told me to remove the reference or replace it with IAP. I'll probably do the latter, but it still sucks.

I like to keep my installed packages appropriately separated – Python with pipx, Javascript with npm, and only use brew for general purpose software or for languages that have kinda meh package managers. Do people use cargo for installing Rust software, or should I stick with brew? How do I configure cargo to work well as a global package manager?

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*opens coat* psst, hey, need some youtube-dl?

I've been engaging in a whole host of delete-my-account battles via email: finally managed to delete my Binance and accounts after literally half a year. Still working on

@protonvpn what's the status on IPv6 support? The only information I can find about it says that it's not supported through the service, which is a pain for those who deal in areas where it is quite prominent.


Somebody needs to sue the shit out of Binance under GDPR and CCPA for not being able to delete your account and for their email list which you can’t unsubscribe from. It’s the only spam I get by email, and it makes me furious.

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Your choices are to sell it to me DRM free and encoded in an open format

Or piracy!

There will be no negotiation on this matter.

Hey anybody want to tell me what a list is on Mastodon?

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