Now I'm sitting here staring a the delete button of my account.

To press or not to press, that is the question.

@kev I never used it – didn't want to keep around extraneous web footprints. It didn't help that it's owned by Zoom now.

The main argument against deleting the account was that if Keybase ever has a resurgence, I won't be able to claim "figbert" as my username.

Not enough to keep me around. You can already find all my social media on my website, and encrypted chat/files are all things I have pretty much handled.

@FIGBERT The username was the reason I initially didn't delete Keybase too, but then of course I have my website to display most of that information!

Good point FIGBERT!

Additionally you can add rel=me to your Mastodon link on your homepage (so the rel becomes "noopener nofollow noreferrer me") and Mastodon will display the link in green (as "verified"). More details at:

As for Keybase the only thing I really cared about — social proofs — is already handled pretty well by and Keyoxide is truly decentralized (no server needed) and completely open-source (no closed server side components).

See you later! 👋

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