Holy shit!

After ~6 months of not working at all, my touch bar has suddenly returned to life. Previously was off and unresponsive, System Preferences didn't recognize that one existed.

I've adjusted to using caps lock as my escape key, and not having access to function keys. Definitely going to be weird adjusting back, though don't think I'll move back to the digital escape key for ergonomics reasons.

@brandon you’re not going to like what I have to say: I think they should digitize the entire keyboard. The butterfly feels like shit, and given the frankly incredible job Apple did with the haptic home button in the iPhone 7/8 I think they could give a good feel with digital keys. The Touch Bar is largely underutilized, but pro apps like Sketch and even Chromium make use of it well. If an app could customize the whole keyboard, that would be pretty insane

With that said, I moved my esc to caps

@FIGBERT The butterfly keyboard is shit but the return of the scissor keyboard fixed that mess of a situation for the most part. I can't agree as I find it much more difficult to touch type on a virtual keyboard

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