Well, it finally happened. In my rewrite of txtodo (my todo list app where tasks expire after 24 hours), I was too lazy to implement in-app purchases. Instead, I linked to my Liberapay account. Naturally, Apple rejected the app and told me to remove the reference or replace it with IAP. I'll probably do the latter, but it still sucks.

@FIGBERT Liberapay doesn't let you have payments in exchange for something, so couldn't you just re-label it “donate to the developer”?


@wizzwizz4 the current text is, verbatim: “if you enjoy txtodo, please consider supporting its development” and then a link that says “donate on liberapay.” I will ask as to whether or not a wording change would be sufficient.

@FIGBERT Yeah. You should look it up, but I don't think that's in violation of the letter of Apple's policies; you're not actually selling anything through the app or on the app.

(Don't tell them that, though; they're not reasonable. Instead, consider quoting their policy without telling them you're not currently in violation.)

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