think of the sheer amount of domain knowledge you need to understand these

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funny internet conversation 

Q: I love the flame effect! I would be verrrry interested to know how it works.
A: its just a cpu particle looping sprite sheet made in a blender simulation. no magic ;)

> Tesla is no longer the world's largest EV producer... Chinese automaker BYD... sold 638,157 electric or plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles in the first six months of 2022... [while] Tesla, on the other hand, delivered a total of 564,743 vehicles.

Apples to oranges, and Axios knows it. Tesla doesn't sell plug-in hybrids, so comparing BYD's combined numbers like that is disingenuous.

setting up a 3d printer fleet. currently have two octofarm instances connected to a printer each (both lulzbot) running via docker. cameras + printer control + everything working just fine.

octofarm also runs over docker. all healthchecks give the green light.

attempt to connect to printers: "Connection attempt was successful!"

still says printer status is disconnected.

fuck off.

talking to a five year old 

"i had a hard day"

"oh yeah?"

"they're all hard days"

i posted herman's last post too - definitely one of my favorite blogs. i kept a journal for much of 2021, but fell off around december. perhaps i'll dive back in.

i wish installing alpine on a pi wasn't a pain in the dick

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🌊 Get your torrents served up fresh on the command line with Mabel, the fancy BitTorrent client for the terminal! Mabel is a very slick Bubble Tea torrent client that supports theming and mini mode. Be sure to check it out, and keep seeding ✌️

And now, a sigh of relief.

In just over 24 hours, we've managed 233 stars on GitHub, 80 points on Hacker News (peaked at #18), and 24 on Lobsters (peaked at #2).

Back to the mines we go!

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note to self: disable noprocrast on hacker news on launch day.

currently locked out for another 75 minutes, unable to respond to comments.


The software collaborative I co-founded, SMMR Software (, just released our latest project:

Mabel, a fancy BitTorrent client for the terminal.

Check it out!

just updated my tut install. looks like all the bugs i was annoyed by (like not being able to compose posts) have disappeared. nice.

the terminal-ification of my life continues.

I can't decide if using variables in my templates for my personal website is overkill or not.

config.title will always be FIGBERT. Should I just write FIGBERT instead of {{ config.title }}?


interesting. got my motorcycle license a little over half a year back but haven't been riding because of the danger in the US.

what does one do with ancient code repos?

like i made this stuff years ago, it sucks, nobody should look at it let alone use it... but deleting it feels wrong? i dunno.

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