Here's my official
I'm 19
I use :tux: ofc
I enjoy Computer Programming
I make videos on YouTube (going to go on LBRY soon I think)
Been learning :blender:!
Currently have worked at a coffee shop, didn't enjoy the experience and know nothing about coffee.
Would like to have a job in the computer world, but not sure what to do. Thought about freelancing, but idk.
Currently working on a website where I'll host projects I work on.
I'm Canadian, eh?
Super excited to start tooting!


Greetings! I've never been one to participate in social media, but what better place to start than here.
Like most of you, I have a passion for . I'll find myself at the younger side of the age spectrum, that is to say that I am 19; I have minimal experience compared to most of you, but hopefully I can find my place.
C++ is my preferred programming language but lately I have been learning C! I know a couple of other languages too, like Java, Javascript, PHP and Bash. I might max the set buf


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