Dear search engines,

If I type, "fiberglass shower enclosures" into you, I expect to only get pages that contain all three of the those words. If few or no pages exist that have those three words in them, it's OK to tell me so. Sending me pages about shower curtains, shower curtain rings, and (?) baby shower decorations only pisses me off. If I want a shower enclosure (made of fiberglass), shower curtain rings are not a reasonable alternative.

Thank you for your attention.

@Everbern “++fiberglass ++shower ++enclosures“ should be the right syntax for DuckDuckGo. Don’t quote me on that though


@AaronTheIssueGuy I know about that, I just think that shouldn't be required just to get pages that contain the search terms I entered. They don't have to be in order or next to each other, just anywhere on the page.

It must be that search engines don't want to ever tell anyone they only have five or six, or even zero, results for their query.

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