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against the theocracy! Cast ! Read the ! Invoke you daily deity of choice! a better country and a better world by word, thought, and action! Actively the hypocritical oppressors already!

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I was thinking about thinking, but then decided it wasn't for me.

I guess you get rich and well-connected by being a sniveling, little lickspittle. Anyone still jealous of these people in any way?

I love the old ads from the 40s, 50s, and 60s where they tout "doctor recommended" brands of cigarettes and booze.

Chess is fine, generally, but hardcore mode seems to attract some real assholes.

New social media idea! It would be just like Tw*tter and the others. The only difference is that after you enter your message and click 'done' you must spend five minutes rereading the message you are responding to. Then, you have another five minutes where you must proofread/reconsider your still unposted message before the 'post' button becomes clickable.

us pol, florida 

Ron Desantis is all big talk and bluster until a REAL problem shows up (like a hurricane). Then he's all oh federal government can we have some monies because I wasted all ours fucking around and now I don't want to find out!

Help Florida if they need it, but NEVER let anyone forget that when the chips were down, Desantis was HELPLESS!


Maybe it's disrespectful, but dammit, it'll always be the Holy Hand Grenade to me.

Here we are in Post-Dignity America 2022.

People will commit themselves to behaving stupid, ugly, and vile if they think it will help them justify their beliefs. They will convince themselves they are, in fact, stupid, ugly, vile, and worse -- that way no one can think less of them than they already think of themselves.

How do you contend with that? How can that even begin to be solved?

What if Nancy the Time Life operator actually operated both time and life?

People like to point at SciFi books and movies and marvel at how sciencey things that were "predicted" have come true.

Too bad the books and movies also liked to refer to Earth as a shitty, little backwater planet infested with stupid, destructive apes. J'accuse.

After staring at those shipping emails for so very long, I joined the club yesterday! What sort of deviltry can a technoccultist get up to with this wonder?

Also, if anyone needs a small protective case for your Flipper, this baby fits it like a glove (after you pull out the cheap, bullshit-shaped foam).

The only thing this chess cheating "scandal" has taught me is that I wouldn't want anything to do with any of the top 49 chess players in the world. What an absolute wank that whole story is.

Did someone say ?
(Well, I'm pretty sure my grandad would have repeated this one at least five or six times)

(what was once considered) food 

I happen to like cottage cheese. Then the 50's comes around and says, "then you're sure to like it mixed with mayo and suspended in lime jello made with vinegar and shredded onion!"

I feel confident I would not.

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