Oil pipeline interruptions.
Chick-Fil-A sauce shortage.
Are Chick-Fil-A's sauces made with gasoline? I'm just asking questions here.

Maybe Demi Lovato can be Medina Spirit's sponsor?

Too soon?

All the parts for my new computer arrive tomorrow! Except for the case. Gonna be quite a night just starting longingly at those cardboard boxes and plastic packages.

Oh look. Someone made a comic about this past month of my work life. The only thing they got wrong is "Bob" should be replaced with "more than half the company".

Two of Coins, The High Priestess, Eight of Swords. 

Having a rough time with a situation that you just can't resolve? Did you come up with a next step, but found it too far fetched or simply not your style. Well, that's just the kind of thing you may need right now! Stop overthinking and start acting.

I don't care how it's spelled. It's not a word anyway! It doesn't have to follow any particular language's rules!

Great visit to the WC just now! That BM deserves an NFT!


Bad week for witches. First Witchiepoo, now Denmark's only registered witch has passed. (Note: not meant to sound sarcastic)


Will, this Styx web browser for Android is pretty dang good! And every time I launch it, I sing "Grand Illusion" (or sometimes "Miss America") to myself. Recommended!


Everyone! Shocking revelation!

The theme song to Cheers. "♪ You want to go where everybody knows your naaaame. ♪"

They were brainwashing people to accept mass surveillance! "You WANT to go..."

Dang! If Bill and Melinda can't make it, what chance to the rest of the billionaire couples have? Looking at you, Musk & Grimes!

(You see, I like to call them "Musk & Grimes" because it sounds like a bad buddy cop comedy on USA Network.)

I like that most VPN services' selling point is to show you your own IP address like, "Oh no! Everyone can see this! You're DOOOOMED!" But it'll be OK if we just let Joe Bob's Discount VPN and Bait Shop have exclusive access to our Internet activity instead.

uspol, reptilians 

Conservative "news" outlets are all like, "Why human leader give mate ugly flower?"

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