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uspol, utter madness 

This is just out of control! These people invent some new racist crap, then whip themselves into a frenzy over their own made-up crap! I don't think there's a pill or a therapy that can cure this shit.


Here is some prime, American Christianity. This kind of vile behavior among religionists has existed for a while, but it has really gotten much bolder recently. (Gee, I wonder why?)

Viewer discretion is advised!

Woah! Is it Litha again? A juicy Litha to all! ☀️🌙

Too bad there was never an avant-garde 80s remake of the Wizard of Oz. Klaus Nomi would have made a great scarecrow (or wizard).

Am I to understand that some dipshit children on Tiktok are questioning whether Helen Keller was a "fraud"? That she couldn't have written books because of her disability?

Helpful guide to identifying types of UFOs by Knut Aasheim (March 1967)

I really need to get motivated. Reality ain't gonna warp itself, you know!

If you HAD to choose one of these email providers as a backup email, which would you choose?

Need a pick me up? Read Linus Torvalds ripping into an anti-vaxxer.

If you HAD to choose one of these email providers as a backup email, which would you choose?

Now we can't trust our epubs! That is simply the end-all. I'm converting all my ebooks to text files. There's just no escaping this crap.

I feel as though people have mentally blurred the fine line between, "This is a good process" and "This is a crappy process we just got used to".

Skip the socio-political-psychological word salad and get to the point, people! Exhausting!

Sunday amateur #tarot blast 

Five of Cups, Ace of Cups, King of Swords

Try taking an intellectual approach to resolve an emotionally charged issue. Just don't get bogged down in trying to rationalize your cares away. You're not a robot; you're allowed to feel.

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