Hi Mastodon! I'm new. Let's see if I like this.


Hey Eike! Welcome to the fediverse! We got cookies.

@fribbledom Yo. Long time no see! What's your latest exploits?


Having a bunch of fun with #golang nowadays! Apart from that still contributing to all kinds of different projects, as much as time permits 😊

Looking forward to reading more KDE & drone related toots!

@fribbledom Noice! I'm a Rustacean, we can fight to the deth or sumthin'

@EikeHein looking at your following post about drones and KDE, I think I already know the answer!

@mindshoot 😊 Yep, it's why I joined up - I was thinking I could post updates here that don't really warrant something as heavy as a blog post

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