Popular widget been flagged as "DANGEROUS" on the Store. Outraged right now at this blatant and tone-deaf abuse of power on behalf of @kde admins.

GPS-based distance calculation on desktop and Android is now in, RTH to follow

Yesterday I had a surprise encounter with a very hard statue during a test flight in the German countryside, and snapped off a motor. A replacement motor is on the way. In the meantime I installed some prop guards 3D-printed by fellow hacker David Edmundson - should help prevent this outcome next time.

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After years of hard work #Kdenlive's refactoring will be merged in time for the 19.04 release cycle. Exciting times ahead for #FLOSS video editing. Stay tuned for more info soon.



Wondering why I've been so quiet on , my app to fly drones? Because Android is a nightmare! I've been slaving away at making the Android and desktop builds be at parity, and by far the hardest part was playing back the RTP (no RTSP) video feed. The fourth video stack I've evaluated ( + qmlglsink) was finally the charm, not that it was all that easy to get going either. Proof shot attached! Thanks to the awesome @AleixPol for lots of help with the KDE Android SDK.

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The team, lead by @bshah, have just concluded their first sprint, and the progress they made there is amazing!


It's so good to see the community growing! What used to be more or less a 1.5 men project now has a proper team of volunteers as well as paid contributors, coming from KDE and other mobile FOSS communities, working on everything from hardware support to essential applications.

With that pace, an "end-user-ready" state feels within reach!

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I've been using htop in a drop-down terminal as my system monitor for the past few years. But it's cool that KSysGuard can monitor remote systems... maybe I'll start using it. A tiny ksysguardd program must be installed on the remote system (it doesn't actually have to run as a daemon despite the name) #KDE

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Any #kde pros out there have any really neat KDE Connect commands that you think are useful?

I've currently got a few basics to lock my session and turn off my display, but I'm interested to know how other people use it.

I've been quiet, but my UAV ground control app based on is progressing nicely! Check it out: youtu.be/gslJry-X8dY

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My UAV ground control app is named after the Korean word for wild, undomesticated geese - pro pilots. Here's a WIP sketch for the app's mascot to be used in promo: An adventurous domestic goose who's just as good at flying thanks to his mastery of superior technology! Shoutout to AsmoArael @ artstation.com/asmoarael for helping me realize this character.

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Just tried #KDE in a VM and was really impressed.It changed a lot since the last time I tried it. Especially I like how the setup dialog of #KMail integrates #GnuPG... I really consider giving it a real try.

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Discussing languages & free software with @BeeslackHigh school students and why they should make #KDE part of their future with KDE neon and GCompris

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