My UAV ground control app is named after the Korean word for wild, undomesticated geese - pro pilots. Here's a WIP sketch for the app's mascot to be used in promo: An adventurous domestic goose who's just as good at flying thanks to his mastery of superior technology! Shoutout to AsmoArael @ for helping me realize this character.

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Just tried #KDE in a VM and was really impressed.It changed a lot since the last time I tried it. Especially I like how the setup dialog of #KMail integrates #GnuPG... I really consider giving it a real try.

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Discussing languages & free software with @BeeslackHigh school students and why they should make #KDE part of their future with KDE neon and GCompris

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Today I'm living on the ... while hacking I discovered that I require a hidden feature added only to 5.12.2 (specifying a custom GStreamer pipeline as MediaPlayer.source) and then ran into a bug in gst-plugins-good fixed only on Jan 26th.

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Rocks on the lake Baikal get heated from the sunlight every now and then and melt the ice beneath. After the sun is gone, the ice turns solid again thus creating a small stand for the rock above. It is called the Baikal Dzen.

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Well, there is petition about S. Korean censorship and I built petition meter using Grafana and Prometheus.


To bottom-line this for now: For most who aren't users yet + will read the Plasma 5.15 release announcement text, "it's lighter than what you're using right now" is going to be true. This matters because it's 2019 and they're using something. If you're using a desktop lighter than Plasma (that does exist), it's may still be worth trying if it runs well for you without compromises. If it doesn't work well for you - we totally don't mind if you tell us & others about it.

Tribalism in the FOSS desktop scene is pretty whack. I care about work quality. While I'm verbally sparring with @sir: /#wlroots are excellent, and if the experience is to your tastes and makes you happy it's a win for good+free software. That's what matters.

Quantifying in numbers can be tough. It's often about architecture and engineering tradeoffs. For example, if your desktop shell is multi-process it's likely to cause some memory and CPU overhead to sync data, but on the other hand your mouse pointer won't stutter because a JS extension is updating a menu that isn't even open. Which feels better? There isn't a single simple number for the quality of the experience.

When we did a performance sprint to optimize 5 on /#ARM a year ago, we started with 36 seconds from power-on to desktop and ended at 14 (and it's gone further down since). Latency on opening panel popups got cut in half. Battery lifetime went up. Memory use after logon improved 15-20% or so. Disk use? Went up slightly for some new caches. Worth it.

The debate on is complicated and badly defined. Different people care about different metrics, and different people have different expectations for what they expect a PC to provide. The metrics we care about the most in are UI latencies, steady frame rates, startup speeds, I/O loads, power consumption, memory usage and CPU usage (not always in that order). Installed size not so much.

UI polish on the software joypads of my drone control app: By snapping to the initial touch position before starting to track the finger, the joypads are comfortable to use with any phone size. Video demo:

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So, for the lovers/nostalgists out there that also happen to be running , here is what I hope to be straightforward installation instructions for Homeworld SDL:

To the extent of my testing the game is fully playable, save a few graphical glitches that I'd like to fix, so if you know someone good at C and x86_64 Assembly...

Feedback and boosts highly appreciated 🙂

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@EikeHein I'm a huge fan!

I've been using KDE for a *really* long time. When I made the switch to Fedora a few years ago, I was amazed at how smooth and stable my system had become. The refinement and speed of KDE Plasma in recent years make it stand out as well.

Yes, you folks at KDE have indeed been doing an incredible job! Thank you! :)

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@kemonine Have you considered #Fedora #KDE spin? It's fantastic -- stable, refined, and quite visually appealing.

Fedora also has very wide support, a large user base, and a massive package repository.

It is on a six month release cycle, though you can skip one or two versions if you want to, and upgrading from one version to the next is incredibly smooth.

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Thanks to @tercean
I was able to test the follow instance feature with a #Pixelfed instance.
You can also test it by following

You will be able to Fav, Boost or comment on Pixelfed posts with your Mastodon or Pleroma accounts :)


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