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Gah. I don't want to make a full fork of a software for a single feature, but the maintainer is literally making the argument that any file naming convention outside of English isn't valid.

Just because your a native English speaker, does not mean that everyone wants to utilize English naming conventions or even speaks it anyways...

Bothers me so much. Especially when the change that fixed this is 2 lines long and a single call to os.environb and a list merge... Why exclude when its 2 lines?

LOL climate change is an impending extinction level event and here I am debating OpenBSD vs Debian

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Surprisingly, I might also be able to manage DJing off the ZG5 when i come back, as Mixxx seems to run wonderfully from my basic test.

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Now i just need some additional pocket synths and a few extra batteries and ill be set for a full day of recording live on location.

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Me and the fiance are going to their 'family cabin' next week, and i cant be without some music making capabilities.

I got my Acer Aspire One ZG5 up and running as record/synth box, as well as a full dev environment provided a client desperately needs something.

Ive got everything i need to record and edit my tracks, as well as some extra synth power as well. I can manage about an hour and a half of recording completely off battery power.

I feel proud.

I just had a realization.

I in no way miss windows, and haven't thought about switching back to it for weeks...

Thanks i3 for giving me a wonderful in between of TUI's only and a full blown desktop manager.

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Congrats! Wow, when did Fosstodon pass 10,000 members?!? Actually, when did it pass 9,000?

I missed the opportunity to link this. 😢

If your using pip to manage your install, you can grab my patched version directly with:

pip install -e git://

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If anyone out there is using viewer, I just pushed a patch to my instance that allows extending the readme file names that can be discovered by the software.

If thats something you want, grab it here:

Huh. I learnt a new thing about installs today.

Didnt know i could specify a specific commit or branch to clone from with @ in the url.

Seems like something i shouldve known...

That moment when you see an active issue board on github, and a listed mailgroup thats just straight up dead.

I tried the mailgroup first, but we'll see how goes.

Why does the community not have its own TLD?

The fiance is using an old iPad Mini thats hitting end of life and is barely limping along.

If we were to go with something that wasn't apple, what should we go for?

Who's got an instance suggestion for my fiance?

Looking for an instance thats LGBTQ2SI+ friendly and requires content warnings. Also looking for something with an active local timeline!

I think this might be caused because I made performed a bulk action on my archive of 12k emails...

lolwhoops. Kinda forgot I had that many emails in there...

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Well thats concerning...

Thunderbird just maxed out my workstation.

So I've been getting my email set up to work with plaintext and encryption, but I have a question.

If your sending an email to someone who has no idea what PGP encryption is, and is so tech-illiterate that they will just get scared by the mention of it, do you sign said email?

I've been thinking of adding a link to a simple "how do PGP, what is PGP" tutorial/article, but I don't know of a good source. Any suggestions?

Anyone have any for an app for masstadon?

Finally convinced my fiance to join, but their on iOS *only.*

(Yes it hurts me as a diehard linux user that my fiance only uses iOS, and not even mac os)

At my fiances suggestion, I deleted facebook off my phone. Feels nice to only have Masstodon/Tusky on my phone.

And besides, to quote my fiance: "you can have facebook on the big internet, you dont need it on your small internet."

I wonder if, instead of promoting Mastodon to the general public as "federated," we should call it "user-run." That emphasizes the governance model of our network rather than the technical implementation.

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