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Tech: Can you try this URL and send me the results?
Me: Sure, looks like it's a DNS lookup error.
Tech: Yeah, can you email me screenshots of the error in both IE and Chrome?
M: Uh, yeah, sure....

Honestly pretty proud of the fact that this is the first thing I did today xD.

I haven't made a meme in a long time...

Just read through the nextcloud 18 major changes and i think I'm about ready to upgrade.

I've been hesitant to move past 16 for fear of data loss, but this changelog looks too good to be true!

Why must it be so hard to find tiny solid states... I only want 30 ish gigs D:

Hey you out there, do you have an suggestion for a ?

Mixxx works, but I'm looking to affirm that their are other options that can actually run me through a full night at the club.

It is all that holds me back from fully transitioning to open source software.

Mixxx might work out when the laptop isn't pushing my 1080p monitor at full resolution, instead of the board recommended 1280x780.

I in so many ways despise the UI on initial impression, but DJ software is the only thing holding me back from running fully opensource software. Every other use of my computer (excluding steam which I'm unwilling to budge on) has been replaced by opensource, and I'm getting itchy to complete that transition.

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Day 3 with Majaro KDE (a thread, definitely [2/2]):

- Yakuake is just... Lovely to have. I've used similar software before, but ended up going without a GUI for a long time.

- Had no trouble getting various proprietary tools (spotify, discord, etc) running.

- Using the T410 as a DJing laptop might not be doable... Some testing with Mixxx gives me regular frame drops and theoretically under strain audio desync.

All in all, its feeling nice and snappy to use on this 1st gen i5.

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Day 3 with Manjaro KDE (a thread, probably):

- Enabled some visual flair for the window manager, and good lord is it fun... Not usefull in any way, and definitely too much for the T410 I'm using.

- Transfered my workspace preferences from WSL Ubuntu on my primary rig, and ran into almost no troubles (aside from the normal fuckery with vim-pythonmode).

- Ran into troubles getting nodejs/npm to install, but they aren't necessary for my workflow so thats a headache for another day...

I can't not see a mobster when I see Robert Deniro in a suit.

the gender neutral form of god/goddess is "theyity"

I've always come in and out of the habit of listening to podcasts, but seeing a new episode of @Linux4Everyone got me wanting to listen again. I always try to consume content from my local community over a creator more removed from my circles.

Local, regardless of whether thats online or otherwise. Really cool that both linux for everyone shares an instance with me me and that the distributed nature helps make it feel so much more communal than /birdsite/.

I've gotta say. After a day using Manjaro KDE, I'm pretty sold!

I'm sure I will run into more issues as time goes on, but I think I have my new workstation OS.

Seeing as I'm trying out new things like Manjaro and KDE, I feel like its also time to give Emacs/Spacemacs a try.

Orgmode has been tempting me for a long time, and im ashamed to say that I'm considering leaving vim behind D:

Day 1 of using Manjaro KDE:

- Years of using APT makes me want to patch my command line package manager to have a similar workflow.

- KDE is just so damn gorgeous, and I can tell right away I'm going to like having my notifications all in one place.

- How does the OS not come with kernel headers for the kernel it ships by default...

Well, I've officially installed and launched Manjaro KDE. I have to admit, KDE Plasma is frickin gorgeous, and the KDE Connect experience is flawless.

How is it not a standard (and well made) feature for most other operating systems? I don't want to use my phone when I am using my computer, so why don't more projects include a KDE Connect like project. (Oh right, because of time constraints...)

I've got Manjaro KDE downloaded. I haven't really dipped my toes into the Arch sphere in a long time, and KDE is even longer.

I'm super excited to give it a try, and get into something a little more bleeding edge.

Who knows, I might not end up staying with it. Lord knows I don't like change xD

I've been wanting to go buy a new record for a while now, and haven't really been able to pick one when I'm down at the shop.

Picked up the OST for Lala Land, and damn. I've gotta say, this is a nice album to just listen too!

The Sprawl was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a significant author of the baud.

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