somehow, its gotten prettier even though its remained just as messy as last time.

Welcome to the control center of my production studio.

Im a bit late, but have a

My new EDM production setup, featuring Ardour, Sunvox, Qjackctl, and Sequencer64.

Im in love!

Honestly pretty proud of the fact that this is the first thing I did today xD.

I haven't made a meme in a long time...

Why do I live in a place where I cannot feel my face?

Why do I live here and not drive? Errands are going to suck today...

The best part about tracking all your work with git:

A nice and complicated looking git log!

Gotta love when you spend an hour roughing out a new logo for a client, and they rant and rave that its perfect.

But... I have so much more I want to do with it! There are so many problems! The dragon definitely needs a better image, and it neeeeds color.

I forgot the meaning of BSOD. Either I've been using linux too much, or I'm dumb...

What a good way to spend a day... Next thing you know I'll be a pinball wizard.

You know your family is made of nerds when you decide to watch Hamlet 1996 as you wait for a turkey to cook for Canadian Thanks Giving.

Keeping an eye out for that Robin Williams appearance!

I always want to do , but I hardly ever have a graphic interface loaded.

But I felt this was gorgeous enough to include. (Don't mind the messy desk)

Due to a lack of decent remote system temp monitors (for ), I wrote my own solution.

Thanks to constant access, Plot, and LM-Sensors, I can easily view a plot of any temperature sensor in my machine.

Depicted is the rising temperature of my case as it slides into its rack and settles in.

Total time to completion? 1 hour. God I love open source software...


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