Hiked an hour into the woods with a 9 inch netbook (Acer ZG5), a novation circuit, audio interface, and headphones.

Gave myself an hour and a half (battery life of the ZG5) to write and record a song.

Damn that was fun. Hiking/music video hopefully sometime next week.

@EclecticEclipse Instead of the audio interface and the netbook, you should have used a tascam dp-008.

Headphones, sound source, sequencer, recorder, mixer, everything in one package.

Walk out of the forest with an SD card full of glory.

@Koekepan i dont need half of what the dp 008 offers, as I do all my mix down on the circuit and record in mono.

That and the laptop is 100% open source and can capture all the midi

@Koekepan also, I do my recording at 96k/32bit, and wouldn't want to mess with anything less than 24bit recording.


You record your Novation Circuit ...

at 96kHz/32bit resolution.

Let that statement stand in its glory, on a peak in Darien for all time.

@Koekepan i record everything in higher resolutions. No reason not too if you can. A circuit is synced to a vari-speed clock internally, and could *theoretically* drift. 96k/32bit helps ensure less loss, and better capture of any distortion.

Moreover, the netbook and interface were all sitting in a storage bin from nearly a decade ago, and are nearly "weightless." I also have a passion for reusing old technology with open source software, which drives me to do things that might be different....

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