I have some things is like to do with a little web toy that requires some amount of dynamic interaction with the elements on the page.

Is there any competent alternative to Javascript that isnt as...evil?

I know of brython, which is an attempt to bring Python to client side, but forcing the user to cache (most) of the python stdlib seems counter productive...

@EclecticEclipse Do you mean tooling for compiling to some runtime that broswers support (so JavaScript and/or WASM)? What's your definition of evil? There are tons of things out there I know of, just not sure what you may need. Previously companies offered additional runtimes through plugins like Java, Silverlight or Flash, or browser built-ins like Active X or the VBScript interpreter in IE, which I suppose is not what you want, right?


@CyReVolt realistically, i know that for what I need I can develop something thats self contained. I know I wont need to bring in the bloat that generally comes with JS packages and frameworks. And that there is my definition of evil, there is no reason i should need to load umpteen amounts of code and potential tracking just to have a simple dynamic effect.

I'd like to give my love to a project thats attempting to replace JS as the defacto dynamic language wholesale if I could.

@EclecticEclipse Ok so if you want to avoid building on top of existing libraries, you can just use the low-level APIs of the browsers to access the DOM. Mozilla's MDN has good docs on that. The caveats are compatibility across browsers and complexity.

To replace JavaScript altogether, you could fork Firefox or Chromium and pull out the scripting runtimes altogether, replacing them with your own. The caveats are adoption, compatibility and security issues with embedding scripting runtimes.

@CyReVolt hmmm... I know im not interested in forking things, as i just want to build a shitty little web toy.

Perhaps working with low level stuff and sticking to JS (which i also just dont like the syntax of) is the way to go. Blargh, not really ideal in my eyes.

If only there was another option...

@EclecticEclipse As @sinnerjoe mentioned, you can also transpile or compile from other languages. You could also write your own toolchain if your favourite language is not supported.

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