somehow, its gotten prettier even though its remained just as messy as last time.

Welcome to the control center of my production studio.

@EclecticEclipse I see you have a piano keyboard there. If I have a USB keyboard, is there any free-ish software I can use for sounds?


@paul tons! If your into synths, I'd check out Helm, Ob-XD and Zynaddsubfx. In fact, Helm is being used in the image as a bass and is being sequenced by the circuit.

Getting a full DAW like solution is rather complex, but can be done! Id check out @unfa videos on YouTube for more info on whats out there and how to use them.

@EclecticEclipse @paul @unfa Nice synths! I really should get back to my MicroKorg. I didn't know about Helm. I have used LMMS and Hydrogen though.

@WhoNeedszZz helm is gorgeous. Its only a 2 osc. [With sub and noise] synth, but its workflow feels so fluid and natural. Another great synth is zynfusion, as well as TAL Noizemaker, or OBxd if your looking for a good bassline generator.

Ive not really dug too deep into hydrogen, and i didnt like the editing style of LMMS. I use REAPER/Ardour primarily.

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