somehow, its gotten prettier even though its remained just as messy as last time.

Welcome to the control center of my production studio.

@EclecticEclipse I see you have a piano keyboard there. If I have a USB keyboard, is there any free-ish software I can use for sounds?

@paul Helm (on his right monitor) is great for sounds!

@cavaliertusky @paul her*, and yeah. Its been one of my favorite synths for years.

@paul tons! If your into synths, I'd check out Helm, Ob-XD and Zynaddsubfx. In fact, Helm is being used in the image as a bass and is being sequenced by the circuit.

Getting a full DAW like solution is rather complex, but can be done! Id check out @unfa videos on YouTube for more info on whats out there and how to use them.

@EclecticEclipse @paul @unfa Nice synths! I really should get back to my MicroKorg. I didn't know about Helm. I have used LMMS and Hydrogen though.

@WhoNeedszZz helm is gorgeous. Its only a 2 osc. [With sub and noise] synth, but its workflow feels so fluid and natural. Another great synth is zynfusion, as well as TAL Noizemaker, or OBxd if your looking for a good bassline generator.

Ive not really dug too deep into hydrogen, and i didnt like the editing style of LMMS. I use REAPER/Ardour primarily.

@cavaliertusky actually no, thats REAPER. I use REAPER as a record box, as all of my effects and what not are handled in Carla instances or by hardware. Ardour is too heavy to run alongside all of my sequencing and synths/processing for use during live performance.

I do all of my mixdown/mastering/editing in Ardour tho.

@joshbdoc It started off as Kubuntu, but I've stripped all the KDE out. Its effectively Ubuntu Core with a bootstrapped and heavily customized i3wm shell.

@joshbdoc Ah! I should also mention that I've just configured realtime audio and what not manually. Wasn't really that hard honestly... provided the repositories for basically all of the software I use (aside from my ardour binary).

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