I've been working on getting Starcraft BroodWar installed and running under . So far, its working. Not that the blizzard launcher wanted to help at all.

Still can't get the game to run flawlessly (as advertised), likely due to my graphics card still using `nvidia-340`. Menu's won't draw properly. I can get into the campaign, but multiplayer is just not working.


Nor can I get into and modify any settings, or open the menu's in the main screen.

The entire point was to get a bunch of classic lan games running on all of my old laptops/PC's, but so far its been a a bust in all but a few attempts.

I can't afford a new graphics card, and nothing else in my house is Vulkan capable.

Well, aside from my Windows 10 laptop, which is not likely able to come out of the original rig...

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