I got an open-source based version of Diablo 1 (devilutionx) and Doom (chocolate-doom) running today I'm going to get quite a kick out of these time wasters...


Anyone else have any favorite late 90s/early 2000s PC that are easy to get running on Ubuntu?

@EclecticEclipse Uncharted Water II: New horizon, it's a Japanese game. You can download it on Internet and need emulator to run it.

@wuwei yes? although I'm always hesitant to try and pick up dwarf fortress. It eats far too much of my life xD.

In the spirit of chocolate-Doom, there's a duke3d source port that runs natively eduke3d

Openttd is from 2004, and still developped. Does it count?

@EclecticEclipse open-ra will run dune and others... ufo-ai will run ufo enemy unknown

@EclecticEclipse Command & Conquer was one of my favourites. There's an open source version of that - openra.net/


> Anyone else have any favorite late 90s/early 2000s PC that are easy to get running on Ubuntu?

Does it count if the game came out in 2002… but also is still kind of coming out, and just won a Game of the Year award?

If so, I'd say , using the GPL-licensed Open Morrowind game engine openmw.org/en/

(disclaimer: I haven't run Open Morrowind or played Morrowind on Linux, but have spent a lot of time with the game over the years)


Here are some classics from that period that are on sale on GOG.com and have open-source engine offerings:

The Curse of Monkey Island (classic funny point-and-click adventure, ScummVM)

Theme Hospital (tongue-in-cheek management sim, corsixth.com/)

Arx Fatalis (would have been Ultima Underworld 3 if they could get the rights, Arx Libertatis)

You can extract the data files using either the newest version of constexpr.org/innoextract/ or using Wine.

@EclecticEclipse If you like MMOs, I recently got back into playing city of heroes on the homecoming servers. It's been a total blast.

It's free and should be easy to get running under wine. (I used 32-bit wine)

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