I think one of my favorite parts of using Linux focused audio genesis tools is the community's tendency to release patches/samples for free.

Much different to producing on Mac, where people make a nice preset and try and ask $200 for it.

@EclecticEclipse I have an expensive reverb that is really just a DSP with good presets. Nothing wrong with presets, especially on devices with a multitude of parameters it can take a lot of work (thousands of hours) to create things that others might have already made. I do have to admit I love to work without presets, it's such a good way to learn cool things the synth/device can do.

@mplammers I try to split my time. When its time to write, then im only using presets and just modifying them to taste.

When its time for synth crafting and kit crafting, then its time to see how far i van take those synths. I like to keep a library of custom patches so that i can reutilize them where needed.

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