Starting to feel a little more comfortable on macOS (not that I like that) after a month and a half.

Still things that irk me A LOT. For example, why does EVERY OTHER video player skip backwards/forwards when you press the left and right arrow keys, yet QuickTime moves back and forth a single frame per key press!

Trackpad and mouse scrolling directions cannot be respectively different.

Why is there no real maximize? Why doesn't the Mac have window snapping? Why why why?


@brandon every complaint you just listed wasnt a problem back in the day. Apples constant and conscious ignorance to their users complaints and removal of features for "simplicity and ease of use" is the reason I switched away.

Trust me, it will only get worse.

That being said, you might like Divvy for window management extensions.

@EclecticEclipse i REALLY don't doubt that

It's cool and all to "think different" but if Apple makes using the damn thing so difficult, then what's the fucking point? It's not simple :p

@EclecticEclipse for the window management, I've already got magnet in the process of being approved for purchase, so we'll see how that goes

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