I ended up giving Olive editor a try, and overall its working. The only format I can export without strange artifacting is GIF, but thats fine as that is all I need to make right now.

That being said, I'm going to try the solution provided by @cavaliertusky once I'm done making the current gif-set.

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Anyone have any for a video editor?

Tried out kdenlive, but I can't even import a clip without it crashing.

I really need to start filling up my home feed. I basically exclusively use the local feed here on FOSStodon. Its made for quite a nice experience, but I tend to check the local feed often enough to only have 4-5 new toots available.

Shoot me those follow recommendations! Open source/Linux focused musicians are a plus!

Moreover, does anyone have any recommendations on where to go to research supported audio hardware like PCIe DSP cards?

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Any audio nerds out there able to help with some jack questions?

A 32 core/32 gig desktop wont stop giving me XRuns, no matter my buffer/period size, while my Thinkpad T410 chugs through without any issues.

Is this simply a hardware issue? Does not utilize all of my cores?

Remote control SW: Computer seems to be offline
Me via cloud console: WAKE THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE

Anyone have any recommendations for music production focused discussion?

Fosstodon is a lovely home, but I'd love to open another account purely for musical rantings.

My accountant let me know about some extra tax breaks available to me due to COVID, and you'd think during this time of strife I'd look to uze it for supplies/bills.

Newp. Now I'm drooling over a Novation Circuit. So pretty, so suddenly affordable soon.

Take a break before you need it. It will make it easier to prevent burnout.

I can't afford a new graphics card, and nothing else in my house is Vulkan capable.

Well, aside from my Windows 10 laptop, which is not likely able to come out of the original rig...

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Nor can I get into and modify any settings, or open the menu's in the main screen.

The entire point was to get a bunch of classic lan games running on all of my old laptops/PC's, but so far its been a a bust in all but a few attempts.

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I've been working on getting Starcraft BroodWar installed and running under . So far, its working. Not that the blizzard launcher wanted to help at all.

Still can't get the game to run flawlessly (as advertised), likely due to my graphics card still using `nvidia-340`. Menu's won't draw properly. I can get into the campaign, but multiplayer is just not working.

I've been trying to get Battle.net to work via Lutris, but haven't had any luck. The computer I'm using is not vulkan capable, and the recommended practice is to use libvulkan...

The launcher app is all but unusable, constantly flashing various rainbow colors and render tearing.

Anyone have any suggestions for how I use a similar solution to Steam Remote Play for accessing Brood War from my PC?

With all my event planner contacts having their shows cancelled, many are looking to host them as "virtual" shows.

Something I've been asked to find is a "tipping" service that is "one-time focused." Me being me, I'm determined to find a service that is privacy respecting and (hopefully) open source.

Anyone have any ?

Anyone else have any favorite late 90s/early 2000s PC that are easy to get running on Ubuntu?

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I got an open-source based version of Diablo 1 (devilutionx) and Doom (chocolate-doom) running today I'm going to get quite a kick out of these time wasters...

Amazingly enough, one of the raves I thought was due to be cancelled has kept it open.

So in news that goes against the tide of COVID-19 panic, Ill be hosting an audio stream of the night from my site this Saturday.

Itll be the first time doing it live on location, but I'm pretty confident nothing will go wrong.

With the extra time, im hoping to complete and release a track by Friday.

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