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git reset --hard 2a2c715054

Sometimes its tough to take time for ourselves when everything does "the esplode-y explode-y".

Here is a wonderful song for some conscious calm and :


Where do people go these days to get their ? I refuse to believe I cannot find the I'm looking for.

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Emacs: I have built-in version control support.
Me: That's cool.
Me: $ git add -p; git commit

Hey there fediverse, whats your favorite alternative to Adobe Illustrator?

I think the coolest opportunity of it all is being able to use the connections I have with local non profits to make awesome solutions for people who need them.

I've already been looking at a Braille typing solution that should clock in under $100 a unit to help alleviate the struggles of the local visually impaired community.

After that, I intend to reboot the organization's efforts in making mouse solutions for quadriplegics at under $100 a unit.

On second thought, I might do it on the CNC. However, that will take ages to get set up and ready...

Time to scour the internet for ideas...

I'll have to post pictures of my new office space at the , but for now I need to get some life into the room.

It's white walls with a white floor, black filing cabinets, and a white florescent bulbs.

Once the is set up, I'm going to do me a cool "Admin Office: Warning, here be gremlins" sign.

Today, I started my first day as my local administrator. I'll be doing everything from day to day operations and systems implementation all the way to programs development and event planning.

I'm super excited to get started, and I have a bagillion and a half ideas to get me going!

Day one was spent developing a series of weekly "social nights," and I cannot wait too get my Users group started. Item 1, intro to distribution with .

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If I'm being honest, I'm pretty proud of this script.

By entering various input to STDIN during execution, the plot switches contexts on the next tick.

For example, "c" takes me to case temp, "C" takes me to CPUs, "h" takes me to my HDD, and so on.

Once I get around to writing some form of documentation, I open source it as I've seen a number of people who use the same tech stack to monitor their temperatures as well (minus the plotting stuff).

Due to a lack of decent remote system temp monitors (for ), I wrote my own solution.

Thanks to constant access, Plot, and LM-Sensors, I can easily view a plot of any temperature sensor in my machine.

Depicted is the rising temperature of my case as it slides into its rack and settles in.

Total time to completion? 1 hour. God I love open source software...

After having my server up for a few days now, I really want to get a solid system info page set up for Admins.

The software anyway comes with RAM and disk monitoring, but i want more than that.

I need average CPU and core temp monitors. My server solution has hearing issues, and I need to ensure the drives don't run too hot.

Affirmations for today's political climate:

I can raise my sword,
I can make a difference.

I was having troubles uploading files to my instance, until I realized it would transfer better/faster if I did it on my internal network.

Switch to 172.16.xx.yy and voila, files transfer no problem xD.

So I've finally gotten around to hosting a instance, and I'm super hype about that.

It also represents my first successful docker host install, and I'm also very excited about that.

Good lord modern server side stuff is fun!

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It's refreshing when you click a link and precisely that URL is the link that is opened and not some redirect

Oh , why for art thou so amazing for hardware debug?

Why must you be such a perfect mistress

Spent the weekend DJing for a nerd conference, and holy crap was there ever a fuck ton of supposed hackers. Next year, I want to set up a CTF so that people can put their money where your mouth is.

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