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Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance. ~ Unknown

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Dear Doctor Professor Mr. Lunduke, Esq.,

I am a DevOps Engineer professionally and an Android ROM developer. I know a ton of telemetry can be detrimental to your freedom, and I hate it myself, but it is a major metric in my job. I've wanted to add telemetry to our open source Android ROM to give me a better idea of what/how features are used. I plan on it being anonymous, only incrementing values on the server.
Do you think open source telemetry is evil?
P.S. I use Arch

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Scientists: We need to make Mars much warmer if we want to live on it.
Fossil fuel companies: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

A friend brought over some Magic the Gathering cards, encouraging me to come back to the game after a few years away.

After beating him with every one of his decks, I built a green black deck with a self-mill/return from graveyard engine.

He wasnt happy...

On a slightly nicer note, way to go Gitolite for making your install process relatively simple on every machine that runs bash!

Give user access to git, clone a repo to the users directory, run the "setup" command.

Voila, working secure ssh based git server that's modifiable by a simple git push.

Continued ranting, apple hate 

Continued ranting, apple hate 

Continued ranting, apple hate 

I decided to use an old that I had sitting around as a mirror for my server.

That was a mistake.

Things that are damn near impossible to do cleanly in multi user space (especially from a user without GUI access):

- multi user access to Brew (in a logical and safe way)
- gpg 2
- python3 (safely)
- any web server outside of apples bunk ass Apache
- gopher servers

Interviewer: I assume your familiar with the office suite?
Me: If a Sphinx RST to Accessible PDF to Google Doc automated pipeline counts....
Interviewer: um....
Me: Thats a yes?

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Sometimes taking care of the hard things is self care. Get them done and you'll free yourself of that stress.

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I have never killed anyone, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction. - Clarence Darrow #famous #quotes

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This picture, which is linked to on that page and which would immediately be recognized by anyone who's heard of Sherlock Holmes as being Sherlock Holmes, has exactly ONE characteristic that is accurate to the canon stories.

That one thing is the nose.

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Seriously, think how you feel when you get a boost without a fav, that's all those poor bots get! This is not how we should treat our children😔

I spent the day making chilli and putting the finishing touches on my custom .

Now I'm finishing off the night listening to Marvin Gaye and playing cribbage with my fiance. It's wonderful to disconnect from the tech once in a while

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In short, burnout hurts worse than recovery irritates. Trust me on this, recovery is the lesser evil indeed.

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3 key points of inclusive design:
1. Average is useless. When we design for extremes we develop better solutions
2. Designing for disability uncovers hidden needs for many people
3. People with disabilities have unique skills and experience the world in some interesting ways

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