What do people think of ? The start up times make me somewhat dislike it.

Google is given kind of a pass on this one, but I'm not convinced that's fair. Makes new offerings like the PinePhone look really tempting.

"Attention, phone-makers: Our devices aren't your billboards"


I've been growing more and more dissatisfied by my Youtube Recommended, and have been getting increasingly frustrated about it.

Today i realized its probably because of the fact that I'm watching less on the platform, and feeding google less data in general than I used too.

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You know. Its real hard to do web development when your network goes down every 3 hours or so.

Come on mister local ISP, do better. Ive complained time and time again, but apparently their is nothing they can do about the dirty phone line my 5mips connection runs on.

I'm also not allowed to install my own line filter to help prevent this.

I got my partner to play their first game of Magic the Gathering today!

I'm so hype... I feel bad tho, they were a few turns away from wining, and then I green mana ramp trample'd. Woops.

The best life rule I've ever come up with is to leave my Sunday mornings FREE. No helping friends move, visiting family, doing work or taxes, or worrying about anything.

Just a lazy morning in bed, in a warm house, with coffee and possibly pancakes. ❤️

When I left YouTube, I went to bandcamp for my music. And then I wanted so much stuff that I went to deezer. But I don't really like deezer that much, and it's glaringly nonfree, so I went back to bandcamp (and bought more stuff). And now once again I can't afford as much stuff on bandcamp as I want to listen to, so I'm considering deezer again. Music is unexpectedly hard.

I've been trying to set up a Manjaro audio production station, and aside from some issues with network audio, it's been easy to set up.

That all came tumbling down this morning when I tried to hook up my audio interface. I'm used to a bit of a struggle with getting it to work with Linux, but no matter what I tried i couldn't get it working.

Time to see if Ubuntu studio will ease my pains at all.

I think for now I'll just have to go lower tech and route the audio out of the synth machine via the on board headphone amp. Not ideal, as it builds down to more things inside my instrument, but also not the end of the world.

I need the audio rooted back into my Audio interface to enable a better looking and sequencing workforce and mix down during love sets.

I Was really hoping to not need to utilize the headphone port at all...

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I tried zita-njbridge first, but that fails to even connect to a jack server, no matter the operating system or jack configuration. There doesn't seem to be enough of a user base for there to be decent docs or set up guides.

Then I tried jack.trip, which got connected to JACK on the local machine fine. I could see it receiving a connection request from the client, but it never established a full connection. Never errors out tho, only ever simply being totally mute from both ends...

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Well, up to this point my synth/instrument build has been relatively painless, until I tried to pass audio from the synth/audio producer computer back to the sequencer over a point to point LAN.

Who Would've thought that every commonly suggested solution I've come across has failed spectacularly. Why must network transmission via jack be so hard to do?

On that note, a few friends and I got into a discussion about beng a recently:

Is it collecting if you make use of the things you collect? Are you really collecting vinyl records if you are listening to them as well?

Are you really keeping a game for collection's sake if you play it as well?

I sit on the side that if you are *able* to use it, that makes it all the cooler to collect. Having a copy of Dark Side of the Moon (1st Press) and listening to it lets me enjoy it more.

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I got my old Acer Aspire ZG5 running again with intent to use it as the host for a synth im building.

This is the first computer I ever owned, and seeing it live once again fills my heart with joy!

Talking about it, they began to maintain a (self-hosted) « curated list of awesome projects related to » gitea.com/gitea/awesome-gitea

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So I recently stumbled across a new ModSynth/Tracker that I'm absolutely in love with.

Sunvox lets me run the a modsynth and pattern sequencer on literally ever computer in my house, including my original rpi.

Not only that, but with integration into my JACK flow, it can operate as both my sequencer, and a rackmount instrument.



Riffing on machine learning 

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Riffing on machine learning 

Sometimes being a developer is soul-crushingly lonely. If you ever meet a dev in the wild, give them a hug. I promise you they need it.

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