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What's new in LibreOffice 7.1? And how can you help to make 7.2 extra awesome? Watch our online presentation at Grazer Linuxtage – today at 13:45 UTC:

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Enhance education in with collaborative documents! 👩‍🎓

Hear about the possibilities of the #Moodle plug-ins for #CollaboraOnline for schools, universities & homeschooling at' talk at the #glt21

🗓️ Saturday, 15:00 CEST:

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Happy to announce #CollaboraOnline 6.4.7🌻

Major new features 👌 macros and Draw in Collabora Online.

Benefit from the excellent file support & rich features in this version of our powerful collaboration software!


#gdpr #foss #libreoffice_technology

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Added recently to #CollaboraOnline: Gutter Margins👌

Use Gutter Margins to prepare your text files -DOC, DOCX, ODT- in an effective way for e.g. PDF export & printed publications 📑

Read more & get a free demo!🆓

#foss #gdpr #collaboration #cool_dev

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We are glad to announce the release of CODE 6.4.7 🌻

This update is packed with new features 💪

🖌️ New Draw component
⚙️ Run macros
📊 CSV export
📱 UI improvements
➕ much more

Get the latest version of #CollaboraOnline Dev and help us test it 👉

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"Sagt mal: Wie sollen die #CLT2021 #virtuell eigentlich ablaufen?"

Hier eine vielleicht/hoffentlich helfende Zusammenfassung:
Virtuell, in unserem nachgebauten Hörsaalgebäude (@TUChemnitz) eben. Interaktion ist direkt darin möglich. Wie zu den echten CLT.

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New update: LibreOffice 7.1.1 is now available, with over 90 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Many thanks to our worldwide community and certified developers for their work on it! Learn more and download:


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