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We are glad that on October 4's CEO will be sharing his perspectives on how to build sustainable marketing strategies for #DigitalSovereignty at the #Collabora Partner Day in #Berlin.


#COOLdays #opensource #gdpr #Univention

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#Sparklines are simplified miniature charts that fit into a cell of a spreadsheet. We recently introduced them to #CollaboraOnline & #CollaboraOffice. Find out how-to create and edit them in your online spreadsheets!


#LOtech #LibreOffice #opensource

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Not long until our #COOLdays meet up in Berlin, back in person for team building, talks and tech fun!

🪂 Indoor Skydiving & Retro Games Museum
🤝 Partner Day & Hackfest
💻 Technical Day

Email us to reserve your space - we'd love to see you there!


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New EGroupware Maintenance Release 21.1.20220905
With great new features around SSO on UCS and AD/LDAP connection
- SSO possible on UCS
- AD/LDAP: periodic import accounts into SQL database
- EGw as mail-handler
- many small things and bug fixes
More in extended release notes:

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Many thanks to all those who have worked on translating Collabora Online, you rock!

Last month stats from #CollaboraOnline #weblate

🥇Croatian: Milo Ivir (341)
🥈Czech: Stanislav Horáček (29)
🥉Swedish : Luna Jernberg (22)

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Secure, powerful, flexible. ✊ In this #COOLdays talk by Michael Meeks, see how #CollaboraOnline challenges Big Tech! ✌️

Subscribe to our #YouTube for more videos!

#opensource #digitalsovereignty #LOtech #bigtech

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Making collaboration bulletproof! 🛡️ In this #COOLdays talk by, hear how #CollaboraOnline hardens the security of your documents! 👍

Subscribe to our #YouTube for more videos!

#opensource #digitalsovereignty #cool_dev #LOtech

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The new major release of #CollaboraOnline is here! 🌻

It introduces many new features and a boost in performance! 🚀

〰️ grammar checks 🆕
📊 16k columns in spreadsheets 🆕
📈 Sparklines in Calc 🆕
➕ much more

See our press release 👉

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Starting with version 22.05, it’s possible to enable support for external grammar and style checking using in #CollaboraOnline. Read our blog for all the details and benefits!


#LanguageTool #cool_dev #collabora #digitalsovereignty

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Watch Birgit Becker's talk on – a smart online office integration using #CollaboraOnline – from last year's #COOLdays.

Subscribe to our #YouTube for more videos!

#opensource #digitalsovereignty #egroupware #smartoffice #gdpr #dsgvo

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We are glad to announce CODE 22.05.4 🌻 #cool_dev

This small update includes several fixes 🧰

⚙️ Document themes in Impress: shape fill
🔧 Fixes to content controls
🛠️ UI fixes (e.g. formula bar, info bar)

See all details and help us test! 📝

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