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Developers & Hackers around the 🌏
COOL Days 2021 - Developer Day 💪 approaches rapidly!

👉Join & learn
:: Check the program now! 🆒
👉 Get your free seat

#cool_dev #opensource #foss #collaboraonline

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The #LibreOffice conference 2021 is approaching. ⏰ During the next days, come and hear Collaborans talk on various aspects of technology.

See this schedule for all talks by #Collabora and make sure to meet us at the #LibOcon 🗓️

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Are you certain you are in control of your office documents? 🤔

Hear from executives, IT professionals and users how #CollaboraOnline and partners provide best practices for secure collaboration and data control! 🔐

Book your seat now!

#gdpr #privacy

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#CollaboraOnline is flexible and easy to integrate in powerful services. presents an excellent use case at COOL Days 2021, providing rich features, full #datacontrol, and #GDPR compliance.

Book your seat! 🎫

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@FrOSCon was big fun! I hope we'll all meet in Bonn again next year. #froscon

Thanks again for the invite to the joint talk, @EGroupware !

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Discover the program of the #COOLdays business track. Learn how to increase productivity and harden document security with #CollaboraOnline.

Save 50% on early tickets before September 11th!

Book your seat 👉

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We've released a great deal of the program for #COOLdays 2021. Learn all about #CollaboraOnline at our online conference and reserve your free seat for the Developers Day. 🆓

Find out more 🆒

#cool_dev #opensource #foss #digitalsovereignty

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LibreOffice 7.2 is here! Check out highlights of the new features in this quick video – and thanks to everyone in our community who made them happen!

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Morgen letzte Chance für Eure Vortrags- / Workshopeinreichungen!

Hier gibt's alle Infos:

Wir sind gespannt und hoffen, dass wir mit Eurer Hilfe für Euch alle ein spannendes Programm zusammenstellen können!

#linux #opensource #floss #conference #cfp

We have released 6.4.10 for EGroupware:
Great new features:
* Many performance improvements
* PPTX file interoperability improvements
* Object and image anchors in text documents
* PDF view: scrolling view
* User interface improvements

Thanks @CollaboraOffice , great work!

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Excited to announce COOL Days 2021🌻September 30 + October 1st - Learn All about Collabora Online!

For developers all about the code. Partners and business people share advantages & best practices of deployment.
More soon: do follow us!
#cool_dev #foss

New EGroupware Maintenance/Security Release 21.1.20210723

We have released a maintenance/security⚠️ update for EGroupware 21.1!
Extended changelog in our forum:

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