So thanks to GamingOnLinux's article, I started playing CDDA. Took a bit, but it finally clicked for me and holy shit it's fun.

So I'm in my school's play. It's a show night, and we're right in the middle of a scene.

Fire alarm.

Turns out our smoke machine tripped the alarm.

Gotta make the show memorable somehow, amirite?

Every time I see footage of DMC5 everyone looks like a reject Supernatural character

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Halo is coming to PC. On Steam.

Praise be Gaben

Been gettin back on my Warframe kick. Lotta stuff I gotta farm.

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Boost this toot and I’ll pull a tarot card for you.

Arch repos picked up Linux 5.0 today. Just made the update, and everything seems good

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My home tab's a little empty. Any recommendations for people outside of Fosstodon to follow?

Gotta be blunt, but so long Linux 4.20. may you leave in a blaze of glory

Question for all the gods of Vim here, any tips for someone like me who's barely using Vim to its real potential?

I just knew when i forgot my arch usb that SOMETHING was gonna happen to my laptop.

I really need a new laptop

Weird request. Any program for giving 2FA codes on desktop on Linux?

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Reinstalling linux in most cases fixes the problem, but you learn _nothing_. Do no go that way!

Followup to my mini-rant the other day, you deadass can't even just view another instance's content from your instance. Only either your local, or the whole fediverse

mastodon plz fix

My new 3DS came in today so now i gotta hack it. Downside is the new method is WAY more complex than the soundhax of yore.

Finally making custom keybinds for ranger. Friendship ended with nautilus, ranger is my new friend

Yikes, I REALLY forget about mastodon sometimes

I think the biggest problem is that I'm locked to only seeing fosstodon on this account. I've asked, but is there any way to be "subscribed" to multiple instances (And have them all appear on the local timeline), or do I just bite the bullet and move to another one?

Like, I love y'all, but I know jack about actual software development. I'm just a normie who uses Linux

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