Happy GNU/Year, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Year.

Advertising has gotten WAY out of control and appears in virtually every part of our lives. This feels particularly egregious to me. The first time I see this, I'm selling my TV and computer and moving to a cabin in the woods to make pottery out of mud.


People, please, don't require verify on server where posting will never include any sensitive info.

No, I am not verifying my phone number to ask for help on C# server.

I think I will stop to mirror any new projects of mine (from ) to .

Mostly because of MS & Copilot bs.
Also, both GitHub workflows or weird socialization techniques (follows, reaction emojis (seriously wtf)) are not worth it.


Another weird frontend guy which can't comprehend that this world could be better without `npm install`

Breaking News: Gentoo user moves to Alaska to help cool PC


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