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I by no means wanna promote Parler, but the current situation around it nicely shows how with an #iPhone you are not really in control of your device.

Wanna install the Parler app? You can still install an APK from their website on #Android. On an iPhone? Sorry, no way.

IMHO you as a user should ultimately be in control of what you install on your device even when it may not be the best idea like Parler.

If you are still wonder where to migrate from linux, please look here:

As you can see is working on improving Developer Edition (free of charge) so you could migrate even to RHEL for free.

If Developer Edition does not suite your needs then please send your use-case to centos-questions@redhat.com so that could improve the licensing appropriately.

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You wanted a "faster" #RHEL and you're getting it for free with #CentOS #Stream. You wanted a bleeding edge Linux Distro with the backing of someone with experience. You get #Fedora. For free. You want support, SLAs and long term stability? Get a #RedHat Subscription. Simple.

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And if you want something different - welcome to the world of #Open. Many, many distributions and projects to chose from. Your freedom! We at #RedHat work hard to give you MORE choice, not less.

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@DragonLich @gbryant I'm really happy with the decision. As for me Centos was too close to what RHEL is. The Red Hat ecosystem has now something more like Fedora LTS and there were no such thing before.
I'm really looking forward for the opportunity to install Centos Stream on one of my new servers.

Ohh damn, sorry for the spam guys ;(, have to fix this on the laptop tomorrow. Seems my mobile app is trying to be too smart... Now its too late for me. Good night everyone.


Last point is that IBM != Red Hat. Red Hat has it's own chain of command and this decision was done by Red Hat, not by IBM. Almost all Red Hatters are *not* thinking about themselves as IBM. At least from my experience.

There are two main points why CentOS was discontinued:
- There is CentOS Stream where Red Hat worked hard for last two years to make it stable as possible.
- There is Developer Edition of RHEL which is free of charge.

In case none of those suites your needs please write to CentOS. Red Hat would like to hear about these use-cases. So they can help the community.

@gbryant hi, I'm watching you some time already on LBRY. You have a great show. However, I have to react on Red Hat killing CentOS video you had. I'm working there (as developer) and you have miss-understanding of what is the goal here.
Red Hat never thought about CentOS as a competitor product to RHEL. I think nobody in Red Hat done this to increase profits of RHEL. The point in cancelling it is, that there is no reason to support it. 1/3

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⚠️ Skončila podpora #Fedora 31. Pokud ji stále používáte, co nejdříve aktualizujte na novější vydání.

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Fancy, finally an alternative to Let's encrypt!


It's always good to have alternatives around. ZeroSSL appears to be a European company that now provides free TLS certificates using the ACME protocol.

#TLS #SSL #CA #infosec #letsencrypt

Pro ty, co nemají datovku a chtějí podávat daně a přístup do portálu občana online:
Dostanete zde i HW klíč zdarma!

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Good news for Canada! Canada proposes new privacy bill that allows Canadians to force companies to destroy all data they’ve collected about them. Sounds a bit like the GDPR has traveled across the Atlantic. 😀👇

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Tutanota is still blocked in Russia to stop encrypted communication. We need to fight for privacy around the world. ✊ If you are affected, you can still access Tutanota with a vpn or the Tor browser.
#privacy #surveillance #russia #censorship #freespeech

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