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The longstanding rate limit policy of one request per second is now being enforced. If you exceed the limit, you'll get an HTTP 429 response with a `retry-after` header reminding you how many seconds to wait. This policy is intended to help keep the service stable and usable for everyone. Carry on!

I enhanced the internal tool for blocklist reporting to tell me which blocked IPs make the most requests. Today's winner has been blocked 5268 times... so far.

Having an unexpected outage at our hosting provider just now. Sorry for the disruption. Will post an all-clear once we're back up.

Question from a user today: "Is there a way to create pastes in private mode, with nobody being able to see them unless you share the link?" Answer: yes, that's the way it works by default!

I think this theme is the most Halloweeny of the bunch.

(I promise I will not submit a pull request to change its name to "Pumpkin Spice".)

Apologies for the extended Flash of Unstyled Content caused by bad CDN configuration. Fixed now!

Three of these are actual (obscure) syntaxes we support. One is a Lord of the Rings character. Which one?

New thing: if someone makes a post via a Django debug page, they get a friendly message reminding them to share the link with the site owners. This is in case they're just an ordinary user who hit that error, and thought that the "share this traceback" action was submitting a report to the responsible party.

For fun, I checked the other 25 domain names that are a single letter followed by "". One domain registrar/squatter holds nine of them. Asking prices in ascending order: $2095 $2795 $2895 $3295 $3395 $4995 $4795 $5595 $6495

In the event that any of these actually sell, I think I should get a cut, for making this a desirable neighborhood.

Now the About page lists, in addition to the 15 most popular syntax choices, the 15 most prolific countries. See for the latest, updated hourly.

United States 9.2% (493)
China 4.5% (238)
India 2.9% (157)
Russia 2.3% (122)
Germany 2.2% (117)
United Kingdom 1.6% (87)
Brazil 1.4% (77)
France 1.4% (73)
Turkey 1.4% (73)
Italy 1.2% (64)
Spain 1.1% (58)
Canada 1.0% (55)
Indonesia 0.9% (47)
Poland 0.8% (43)
Netherlands 0.7% (40)

New feature: "share" buttons below each item. Keeping it minimal, the current options are Mastodon, Reddit, and Twitter. If you'd like any of the others supported by feel free to request (via reply or a support ticket).

Here's an update to the previous list, including percentages (out of ~5000 unique IPs). There's a very long tail after this...

United States (452): 8.90%
China (188): 3.70%
India (154): 3.03%
Russia (113): 2.23%
Germany (110): 2.17%
United Kingdom (77): 1.52%
Turkey (75): 1.48%
Brazil (73): 1.44%
France (66): 1.30%
Italy (63): 1.24%
Spain (59): 1.16%
Canada (51): 1.00%

I've been gathering stats based on geolocation of user IPs. Top countries represented in the current corpus, in descending order:

United States
United Kingdom

As of this week we have reached 1000 registered users! Thank to all, and keep those feature requests coming.

We're having some slow response times and occasional errors this afternoon, possibly due to a DDoS. Sorry about that!

One thing I see a lot in the bucket is spammers promoting stuff they have managed to put on *other* sites. Here are a few esteemed Insitutions of higher learning I've contacted this week, because a spammer found a vulnerability on one of their sites, posted spam, then tried to promote the links via dpaste:

UC Berkeley
Princeton University
Columbia University

New feature: A copy button at the top of every item. Copies the raw source to your clipboard.

Minor update: Added a "copy" button in the API token section of the Dashboard.

We briefly ended up on Google's malware blocklist earlier today. This can happen when people try to use the site to host malicious Javascript for injecting into pages they've compromised elsewhere. To summarize: 1) there's nothing unsafe about using regardless of what people post on it, and 2) the block has been cleared.

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