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New feature: A copy button at the top of every item. Copies the raw source to your clipboard.

Minor update: Added a "copy" button in the API token section of the Dashboard.

We briefly ended up on Google's malware blocklist earlier today. This can happen when people try to use the site to host malicious Javascript for injecting into pages they've compromised elsewhere. To summarize: 1) there's nothing unsafe about using regardless of what people post on it, and 2) the block has been cleared.

I see a lot of odd things when purging spam from the database. Today's most interesting case: Somebody had found an exploit in a top university's Drupal installation, and used it to post 60 different clickable PDFs promoting specific movie downloads on a movie piracy site.

File under, "neat things I've learned of by looking at referrers in my server logs":

I want to give a shout-out to all the users on Dpaste. Looking at the logs of recent weeks I see hundreds of `emerge` titles zipping by. Thanks for using Dpaste, and let me know if you have feature requests!

Maintenance is complete and we're back in service.

Reminder: Today, 2021-06-17 at 06:00 AM UTC (3 hours 50 minutes from the time of this post), will be offline for approximately 25 minutes due to hosting company maintenance.

On Thursday 2021-06-17 at 06:00 AM UTC, will be offline for approximately 25 minutes due to hosting company maintenance operations.

In addition to Markdown and ReST, what markup formats would you like to be supported for previewing?

Expanded the JS API example to show how you set syntax (since a user asked):

Outgoing mail is working again. Reset passwords all you like!

Outbound email is currently broken, so you'll get an error if you use the password reset feature. Apologies for the disruption. Will post an update when it's working again.

While I can't in good conscience recommend the "Mass advertising mailing service" that has been attempting to promote themselves via dpaste today, I _can_ say that they have at least 1,693 different IPs at their disposal. I know this because the blocklist is now 1,693 IPs longer than it was before.

Hopefully you will rarely if ever see this, but dpaste's maintenance mode has received an upgrade.

We're back! Sorry for the unannounced downtime.

Doing some urgent database work that will cause the site to be unavailable for a few minutes. Sorry for the lack of advance warning!

Just installed the renewed SSL cert, a few hours late. Sorry if you got caught by that!

Milestone: 750 registered users. Next stop, 1000!

Funny sequence of events that occasionally happens when production Django sites get run in debug mode:

1. Unsuspecting user goes to site, gets error page.
2. Only thing that looks clickable on page is "Switch to copy-and-paste view", so they click it.
3. Now there's a button, "Share this traceback on a public website", so they click that.
4. Now they've created an item on and they're like "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!"

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