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Made some improvements to the geolocation lookup on the "About" page. Using Django's bundled GeoIP2 feature ( instead of rolling my own made the implementation shorter, more robust, and -- thanks to local datasets from MaxMind -- faster.

Before pastebins were invented, people had to share code on scraps of paper. It wasn't pretty.

Fun milestone: Since the launch of user accounts four months ago, 300 users have registered. Anonymous use is still most common by far, but I like seeing people take ownership too.

New feature: Optional public profile.

As a registered user, you can activate a profile page that lInks to your ten most recent items pasted.

Your username as shown on items you post, becomes a link to your profile.

If you later disable this setting, your profile will become private again.

New TLS certificate has been installed and we're back to normal operation.

Currently experiencing TLS certificate trouble on the site. Apologies for the disruption. Working on it.

dpaste users are everywhere! Random selection from the 144 locations logged in the last two days:

Aalborg, Region Nordjylland, Danmark
Bogotá, Colombia
City of Westminster, England, United Kingdom
Delft, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Göttingen, Niedersachsen, Deutschland
Junagadh, Gujarat, India
Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, España
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Pennsylvania, USA
Texas, USA
Virginia, USA
Градска општина Стари град, Централна Србија, Србија (Serbia)
شهر تهران, ایران
臺灣省, Taiwan

You can preset syntax/expiry/title by passing one or more of these URL parameters:

(These will temporarily override default syntax or expiry set in preferences.)

Bugfix: User prefs for default syntax and expiry now preset the form as they should.

The 2006 version of this pastebin had approximately 470 fewer syntax choices than it offers today.

Earlier today my monitoring tools alterted me to a large number of posts from a single IP. I took a look to make sure it wasn't a TOS violation in progress.


Just somebody in Pittsburgh posting hundreds of chunks of romanized Japanese text.

Carry on!

New feature for logged in users - favorites! Great for teams who use dpaste. Click the star in the button bar to save any item to your list, which lives at

Attention keyboard jocks: the content field auto-focuses, and ctrl-Enter submits. (And ctrl-Delete is there if you mess up.) boosted

Finally settled on a domain for my app.

FOSS, client side, private contact sharing!

Spread the word (I think it's really cool and you should too, kthx)

Obscure fact of the day: item IDs are base 32, with the digits chosen to minimize ambiguity. No zero or one or the capital letters that look like them. In case you need to read one to somebody or transcribe it without copy/paste. (They're also case-insensitive, though uppercase is canonical.)

Sad support ticket: somebody got a Django error page on a cryptocurrency trading site, hit the "Share this traceback" button, then hit the dpaste "Support" button in a cry for help with the broken site. Did I mention this is a CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING SITE RUNNING IN DEBUG MODE

Just deployed some minor UI tweaks, including a couple suggested by a user. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, Roman!

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