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Earlier today my monitoring tools alterted me to a large number of posts from a single IP. I took a look to make sure it wasn't a TOS violation in progress.


Just somebody in Pittsburgh posting hundreds of chunks of romanized Japanese text.

Carry on!

New feature for logged in users - favorites! Great for teams who use dpaste. Click the star in the button bar to save any item to your list, which lives at

Attention keyboard jocks: the content field auto-focuses, and ctrl-Enter submits. (And ctrl-Delete is there if you mess up.)

Obscure fact of the day: item IDs are base 32, with the digits chosen to minimize ambiguity. No zero or one or the capital letters that look like them. In case you need to read one to somebody or transcribe it without copy/paste. (They're also case-insensitive, though uppercase is canonical.)

Sad support ticket: somebody got a Django error page on a cryptocurrency trading site, hit the "Share this traceback" button, then hit the dpaste "Support" button in a cry for help with the broken site. Did I mention this is a CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING SITE RUNNING IN DEBUG MODE

Just deployed some minor UI tweaks, including a couple suggested by a user. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, Roman!

On the off chance that you've glanced at the "Current Inventory" list and noticed an apparent surge in the popularity of Common Lisp... I am sorry to inform you that it was spam. Fleshing out the blocklist now.

A user reported that the `%pastebin` magic command in ipython, submitting to dpaste, was receiving HTTP 400 responses. The cause: the 'python3' syntax name ipython submits is no longer valid (Python 3 is now 'python' and Python 2 is 'python2'). I've added logic to allow this to work again, and will put in a PR on ipython to fix. Grateful for the report!

Between about 4:15amET and 6:45amET the site had some intermittent database trouble (manifesting as "Oops, that didn't work" errors) due to DNS problems upstream. Sorry if you were one of the 100 requests that got the error. Better now.

Hello! I'm also, but this account is for my pastebin site Status, announcements, etc. The biggest FOSS pieces of the web app itself are and . Personally my most recent FOSS contribution was an update to the Rust tutorial.

Update complete. Welcome to the world, 3.0!

Today's the day! version 3 will be live in a few hours. I'll announce here when it's done.

One week until the new! All content will be preserved, but if you have items you want to still "own" on the new system, see your user page for instructions:

The new version of will let you create an account via GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub or, Google.

You can also create a standalone username and password. Or use it anonymously.

The Mercurial repo has moved from BitBucket to a new software project platform, . It's in public alpha, but quite capable, and staunchly *not* trying to be a GitHub clone. Thanks Sourcehut!


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