Planned downtime announcement: will be offline for a systems upgrade on Thursday 2022-08-25 at 06:00 AM UTC. We expect approximately 30 minutes of downtime.

dpaste is now featured in the list of Markdown tools in the Markdown Guide:

Released today: django-blocklist v1.3.0. Combined the 'add_to_blocklist' and 'update_blocklist' management commands.

Dpaste now has a '.well-known/security.txt' file to aid in reporting of any discovered vulnerabilities.

I maintain dpaste for fun and to help the community, but you can help defray hosting costs by buying me a coffee...

@joel Right. Hot-patch pip to deny installation of packages that don't meet my standards!

I'll try to remember this next April 1 :)

The Django-Blocklist project has moved to Gitlab. If it's of interest to you, please star it!

Out today: A patch release of Django-Blocklist, fixing an issue that was creating excessive noise in error trackers like Sentry and Bugsnag.

Reminder: If you use dpaste for this kind of thing, your content will be deleted and your IP will be blocked. You want a local web interface as a front end for scp? I don't know of any existing solution for this (and in fact the only GUI scp client software I know of on any platform is WinSCP). Sorry. What do you mean by "copying files to the server"? Are there clients you've tried that are missing something you want? Have you tried wgetpaste or pastebinit?

(I run which also has a dedicated client but I'm not sure quite what you're looking for .)

Due to an error in DNS configuration, the site is currently unreachable. The error has been corrected, but DNS propagation delays mean it may be an hour or more before you're able to reach it again. Sorry for the disruption!

Feature announcement: the previewing feature for and items is now available for all users. Look for the "Preview" button on items in those formats.

Another piece of the application stack released as an open source component: django-blocklist, an application-layer solution for IP-based blocking.

For the first time, a non-US country tops the IP count in the active dpaste corpus (

Update: the styles preview page now shows three different snippets for each style, to give a better idea of how a given style may look with your content.

As a fan I was touched to see a dpaste reference in this Atlassian post from ten years ago:

The reference is a "send this diff to dpaste" customization for hg.

The markup for the script seems to have suffered bitrot, and of course Atlassian has since abandoned Mercurial. But still this makes me smile!

LiveCodes is a "feature-rich, easy to use coding playground" that uses for its sharing feature. It's a client-side app that can be hosted on any static file server. Library developers can also use it for documenting and showcasing their products.

Check it out!

Today the site experienced a subsantial distributed spam onslaught (all promoting a "Mass advertising mailing service").

The perp had a very large collection of IPs at their disposal -- at least 3,500 .

The IPs have been blocked and the spam signature has been added to the site's spam detection system.

Carry on!

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