Looking For a De-Googled Smartphone OS?

An interesting company called /e/ has a solution that does sound interesting. It remains to be seen how it will hold up once they get going a bit more. I think this may be something to watch.

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About halfway down the page:

IMO, LineageOS for microG is still the absolute best way to live without Google if you have to have Android. If you can do without Android, Ubuntu Touch on any of @UBports' devices is definitely the way to go.

@amolith @Ubports
It's still nice to have options, and until a few minutes before I posted it, I'd not heard of /e/ before.

In most cases, I would agree with you but I have to disagree when it comes to companies like eelo. Instead of trying to make a ton of money presenting people with a "Google-free OS" and forking Lineage, they should just contribute to the project and make what's already there better.

If you'll look at some of the links on the pages I sent, there are a lot of resources showing that they're not what they claim to be as well as a few people that actually backed the project and were sorely disappointed. They get their apps from APKPure so there's no way they can possibly know if they contain malware, trackers, or if there are even proprietary components.

@DonMcCollough im currently trying to build KDE plasma mobile for my old phone without sucess as I want to de Google my life more... he says on an android phone

@speaksthegeek I'm looking forward to seeing more options on the market besides Google and Apple.
Been seeing a ton of people dumping Google for everything once the demise of G+ was announced. Some have gone to Apple iPhones and such to get out of Googles grips while also going to FOSS for everything else.

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