I came across the Cemetry. It contains a fun and impressive list of discontinued Google services including an explanation why it was discontinued.


@ericbuijs @djsundog I’m going to miss Inbox the most, although I am trying to remove all Google from my life.

@Averly @djsundog Google is so notorious in ending services that it's foolish to rely on them. I used to be a regular user of Google reader, iGoogle and G+. This is part of the reason for me to stop using Google completely. The other part is the data mining.

@ericbuijs @Averly @djsundog been trying to off and on of finding ways off of Google, just been lacking the time to dig in and research and find what I want to move to


@ericbuijs I'm tied in with Google via android and chrome for convenience. Photos and drive work nicely for me, and gmail has been very useful

@DonMcCollough I hope to get rid of Photos and Drive with syncthing on FreedomBox.

@ericbuijs I've not heard of that before. I'll take a gander into it 👍

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