Ubuntu Mate is Available for the GPD Pocket Laptop! 🐧

It looks like 18.10 Ubuntu Mate now has images built specifically for this unique machine. The tweaks that were added include:

- Rotation patches
- Larger console fonts
- Scaled login screen
- Working Wi-Fi
- Supported by the Mate community

Source - bit.ly/2CpexAi

Ubuntu 18.10 Released! 🐧

Ubuntu 18.10 is finally released out of beta! There are a few under the hood changes that this release brings to the table:

- New Yaru Theme (which you can try as a snap called Communitheme on 18.04)
- New Yaru Iconsbased on Suru/Communitheme
- Gnome 3.30
- Updated programs
- Snap improvements
- New graphics and kernel drivers

Source - bit.ly/2ypFBfH

Gnome Developers Blame Users and GTK3 Themes

It looks like another round of "Let's blame the users" at Gnome. Apparently standardizing a method for proper theming of Gnome via GTK3+ themes was never even on the radar.
I can see both sides to this debate, but in the end I feel that shunning, loathing, and generally criticizing the users merely because the lack of forethought is terrible.

Source - bit.ly/2pXsL3Q

These are some pretty bad passwords:
password, passw0rd, qwerty, qwertyuiop, 12345, 12345678, 123456789, 1234567890, football, baseball, welcome, abc123, dragon, master, 111111, login, solo, starwars

It's definitely a good idea to use strong passwords, and if needed, a good password manager.

Source - bit.ly/2pSw24t

Seems like a very apt article from Forbes regarding the demise of G+.

Still looking at G+ alternatives. opensource-socialnetwork.org/ looks interesting, but not sure how well it performs.


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