@oldvetcodes PeerTube, PixelFed. A good overview can be found on fediverse.party. wedistribute.org has good articles about the Fediverse and decentralized technologies.

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// Part5
The random lag spikes continued even after several updates, at times locking up for a few minutes. I even tried adding Xubuntu-desktop to it to see if it was Gnome itself, but the issues persisted there too. Seems like 19.10 just doesn't like me, and with only 4GB of system ram, I decided to roll back to Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3 for something a tad lighter than Gnome 3 to also help ease resource use. (I know xfce is there but Mate feels more polished).

More (Part4?)
I changed my theme back to Yaru-Dark from PopOS, and found that the Application theme kept switching back to the one for PopOS for no reason. I decided to uninstall the PopOS theme and PPA and then found the Applications kept reverting back to a blank (in Gnome-Tweaks) which was essentially the Gnome default of Adwaita. I tried reinstalling a few Ubuntu packages to see if that would fix it but it did not.

We just had our 20.04 "Focal Fossa" kickoff meeting! 20.04 is a LTS (long-term support) release, so we'll be focusing on fixes and polish this cycle. If you want to help out, this page is for you: t.co/urK7np5S6j

Meeting minutes: t.co/J6ky8g2rWt

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TIL that Gnome Shell has an extension to interop with KDE Connect on Android devices. Use the Gnome Extension Store or what-have-you to install it. I first installed via `apt` without luck. Could have just been me not doing things right, but it didn't work that way for me. Use the extension store!


KDE Connect, btw, is a great tool for connecting your computers and phones. Notifications can be passed along to your computer, including phone calls, texts, etc. I am currently typing this into my phone's keyboard with input going to my browser on my laptop. :-D

What OS (Operating System) do you use for your daily, personal use?

I know good sleep isn't always possible, especially if you struggle like I do sometimes. But the Science is clear; sleep is very important.

The Science Is Extremely Clear: You Need to Prioritize Sleep | WIRED

Would anyone be interested in hearing about our adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to : servers and desktops! We try to be as as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

For the new folks on Mastodon, here are the various ways you can discover new people on here to talk to!


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I used to be a professional photo editor who edited photography books using . As I introduced to idea, I stopped using any products. I stopped photo editing for three years to help myself unlearning and forgeting my habits.

Now, it seems I am ready to stand up again but with Free Software. Yesterday, I seriously started using for editing my raw photos and I was just impressed. Soon I will share why

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