Just finished installing the HDD into my gaming rig and installed the OS. In the words of Dr. Frankenstein, "It's Alive!!!"

Microsoft is Starting to Open Source

This is an interesting move from Microsoft, but could it be a sign of things to come? Some say no. Others say, maybe. With Microsoft seeming to care more about modeling and everything as a service, it is possible that they may eventually find a way to move their OS onto the Linux kernel and open source it. Though that is just idle speculation and wishful thinking.

Source - blogs.windows.com/buildingapps

Nvidia Just Opensourced PhysX

The source code is now under the BSD-3 License. This opens up so many opportunities and is a good step forward for Nvidia in the FOSS world.

Source - blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2018/12/

It's CSEdWeek!👨‍💻 👩‍💻

I think it's great that more youths are getting into CS/STEM regardless of gender. There have been some amazing things made from CS, and you never know who might be the next breakout star that creates something world-changing, especially recently.

Check it out at the source below!

Source - csedweek.org/

Linux Code Getting Friendly Update 🐧

It seems that the code comments that aren't so nice are getting an update to replace f**k with "hug". Seems an odd replacement, but I suppose it works for now.
Source - fossbytes.com/f-words-in-linux

That's funny in a sad way. I made a post with links to my other online "homes" with G+ shutting down about a month ago. They just now pulled it down for being "spam" even though it doesn't it it as there's no malicious or shortened links. Seems maybe they don't like it when people endorse something else. minds.com/newsfeed/91225108924

How Well Does Hollywood Depict Hacking?

In this video from @wired ,hacker and security researcher Samy Kamkar take a look at several examples of hacking in Hollywood and explains what they did, or did not get right.

Spoiler Alert: This iw why Mr. Robot was so good!

Source - youtu.be/SZQz9tkEHIg

Turns out the issue may not have been Windows 10 completely. My HDD just gave up the ghost. Fought with it the past two days and got a read-only filesystem with Ubuntu and then fsck not able to repair the drive along with the notorious 'thunk click' of a dead drive. Suppose it's not all bad news since it had very hard use for the past 5 years with me and unknown before that since it was a repurposed gift drive. Guess I'll have to check upcoming holiday deals for a new one.

Second reset did not work, still getting the same System Service Exception error BSOD. I give up. I've spent way too long fighting with Win 10 tonight to make it work despite the massive bug in their code that I can't work around. Working on making another redundant backup of the data while running a LiveUSB before the big reformat and install of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS :ubuntu:

I really hope this works... Otherwise I'm going straight up Linux on my desktop and try to use Proton and such to try and get back to my norm on a different platform.

😡 For the second weekend in a row of logging on to try and game to blow off some steam and to try and relax, my Windows 10 machine BSODs endlessly with system service exception. I can't even have it up long enough to trouble shoot as it even does this in safe mode now. HW tests don't show any issues. Last resort was to reset and keep my files, so I'm doing that now. There goes my local game files, custom settings, etc. Thanks Microsoft.

You know it's going to be a good night/morning when you spend an hour troubleshooting Windows 10 BSOD that occurs around the login screen and before the desktop initializes. Ugh. If it weren't for gaming (which what i do can't be done fully yet on Linux via wine or Proton) I'd switch my gaming rig to Linux. Hopefully it's solved now. So far, so good.

System76 Just Revealed Thelio! 🐧
So far, it looks pretty darn nice. Can't wait for the user reviews to come in.
Source - youtu.be/_9FvqctJsdo

Ubuntu Mate is Available for the GPD Pocket Laptop! 🐧

It looks like 18.10 Ubuntu Mate now has images built specifically for this unique machine. The tweaks that were added include:

- Rotation patches
- Larger console fonts
- Scaled login screen
- Working Wi-Fi
- Supported by the Mate community

Source - bit.ly/2CpexAi

Ubuntu 18.10 Released! 🐧

Ubuntu 18.10 is finally released out of beta! There are a few under the hood changes that this release brings to the table:

- New Yaru Theme (which you can try as a snap called Communitheme on 18.04)
- New Yaru Iconsbased on Suru/Communitheme
- Gnome 3.30
- Updated programs
- Snap improvements
- New graphics and kernel drivers

Source - bit.ly/2ypFBfH

Gnome Developers Blame Users and GTK3 Themes

It looks like another round of "Let's blame the users" at Gnome. Apparently standardizing a method for proper theming of Gnome via GTK3+ themes was never even on the radar.
I can see both sides to this debate, but in the end I feel that shunning, loathing, and generally criticizing the users merely because the lack of forethought is terrible.

Source - bit.ly/2pXsL3Q

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