Anyone familiar with my general feelings about facebook and google/youtube knows that I normally feel nothing but disdain for them and their business model but in the wake of the New Zealand shootings, I think they're taking much heat for not doing more to limit posting and reposting of sympathetic content to the shooter. I believe the wave was entirely too big to block and they did an admirable job. Also, this is what freedom of speech looks like. We must learn to ignore the trolls among us.

Beto O'Rourke was a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow and still has t-files online. Apparently, he wasn't much of a hacker. Seems he was more interested in cracked games and stealing long distance phone service. But it is interesting that we have a former punk rocker, BBS operator and "hacker" running for POTUS.

@creepermario Which translates to pocket T a nd jeans weather for me. That's my year round uniform. I'm a serial dress code violator.😃

@mike Sorry to hear that. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Turns out an SAE 5/16 inch zinc rod is very close to 8mm and an LM8UU linear bearing works fantastically on one. This is great news for me as I can buy them easily an inexpensively.

@mike They just started it up, my truck lurched forward and it shutdown again. Now I'm whiplashed.

@mike It'd be great for my mom if she were still alive and save me the headache of long distance computer support. Hell, she lived on google and facebook. Wouldn't have mattered to her.

People behind me are blowing their horns. That's gonna improve things.

Stuck at the entrance to the car wash and it stopped running. Been stuck about 30 minutes. Can't get out. Freaking me out a little bit.

@mike Nope. You're right wrong crowd. Would probably sell well on facebook.😃

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