Woohoo! Got my 5K in before the sun was totally gone and the rain got me.

Was all set to leave work on time(which is early for me) and then I was asked to pull someone else's cookies out of the fire. 😵


Which means, according to Morrissey the Shithead, actually we're all racists.

Dang it! I've graduated to a level of design in OpenSCAD that my laptop cannot support. I'm going to have to reserve my more complex designs for work on my more powerful home computer. I guess that's a good thing.

I agree. There are several forces at work:

Filament quality

Finding and keeping that magical mix of them all for quality printing is the challenge.

New Command Line Heroes podcast dropped this morning called Python's Tale. Woohoo.

Not so far. Hasn't been 24 hours since my first contact. We'll see.

I love this song.

Tonic - If You Could Only See

Music video by Tonic performing If You Could Only See. (C) 1996 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


TFW you adjust retraction settings and finally get rid of your stringing problems to later find your new retraction settings have caused a heat creep clog and now you air print.

I just learned that there is no way to participate in the wethebuilders.com community build without a google account. This really bums me out. I'm having a hard time with this.

I've written them a polite note asking that they make it possible for me to participate without the google account. If you are like-minded, please do the same. Maybe we can get them to change their model.

For the time being, I'm pondering other ways around this.

The biggest disadvantage to being a contractor is that all contracts have an end date.

Well, all of us on Fosstodon should be seeing this toot and I guess we're all instantly your friend.

You can monitor your feeds. There's one for your follows, one for replies to your toots, one for Fosstodon and then there's the fediverse. I avoid that last one.

Send an introduction out, spelling what you're interested in and you might get some replies.

Good luck.

We the Builders is starting their new community build. If you have a 3Dprinter and want to participate go claim your part and print it. Looks like great fun.


To all my friends that shared new podcast fodder last week, thanks. Now my podcatcher overflows with new podcasts for entertainment. Don't know how I'll get them all in but I'll do my best.

Also, another good one is "The Dropout". A finite podcast dealing with the fascinating story of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. Very good.

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