I'm printing parts for a Rostock Delta printer and I've had to stop and admire how well these parts are designed. Boolean nut recesses so there's no need for nuts. Notice the tear drop hole for the Nema17 motor shaft so that if printed like this, there's no need for support. Instead of holes for attaching the motor there are 45 degree angled slots, once again negating the need for support, and accomodating variations in hole patterns. So well done!

Another dividend hits the ground on my stock market.

Printing a Rocktopus for my daughter. She's a fan of octopi.

The sweet smell of baking sugar cookies fills the air.


I have all of the acrylic pieces from my old Anet A8 frame neatly wrapped and ready to send to someone who has the same problem as in the link. I am keeping the spool holder and repurposing the rest of the hardware. This is just the acrylic frame parts. Please boost. I'd much rather give it to someone that can use it than throw it away.

May the Christmas cookie baking and decorating begin at the DistroJunkie household.

I imagine that two of these and some EMT, I could make a pretty rigid cartesian rapstrap frame. There's also a PVC version would would flex some and not be easily recycled when the rapstrap is superceded.

So this is my next project. It's the 48VDC rectifier cabinet I salvaged from the scrap heap at work. I pulled the transformers, SCRs and associated circuitry(very heavy) out of it and left it there. The front panel had old analog guages on it along with some breakers, switches and indicator light on it. Wish I'd taken a picture before I scrapped all that but I was in a hurry before they changed their mind about me taking it. I plan to transform this into a corexy 3D printer that will be heated.

No trees were killed in our observance of the upcoming holiday.

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New bright orange filament. I love this color.

I'd much rather stay home from work and play. Did manage to sleep in after a hard night at work.

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Over the weekend my son built an arcade cabinet for a school project. He did it all by himself. I'm quite proud.

An unexpected, early dividend hit the ground on my stock market yesterday. He's hiding in the dead weeds and thinks I cannot see him.

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