Turns out an SAE 5/16 inch zinc rod is very close to 8mm and an LM8UU linear bearing works fantastically on one. This is great news for me as I can buy them easily an inexpensively.

Stuck at the entrance to the car wash and it stopped running. Been stuck about 30 minutes. Can't get out. Freaking me out a little bit.

Pic from the Chris Stapleton show last night. Yeah, it's crooked. Alcohol may have been involved.

Road find sliding miter saw. I'm going to remove the slides and bearings for use in a repstrap 3d printer and take the rest to the metal salvage yard. There's some rust to clean up but they slide very smoothly.

Trimmed the old gray beard this morning. Before I started it was down to the pocket on my T. For a few minutes I had some Asimov pork chop sideburns. Spouse didn't care for that. I missed a great opportunity for a before and after pic.

Although I didn't feel well this weekend, I managed to get some of the work done converting my Anet A8 to an EMT8.

A close up of the texture being applied to our walls. It's sprayed on and then knocked down with a blade. A far cry from the crows foot texture in pic#3 I applied myself with the brush in pic#2. I've been told crows foot texture looks dated but I still like it better.

More views of the construction. We only have internet and WiFi in the evening when the contractors are done for the day. I've mounted the essentials to a board that we can unplug and take upstairs because the internet connection is in the master bedroom closet which is also being redone.

The current state of the Junkie abode. It's been this way for the last 3 weeks. We're fixing the damage done from the house levelling adventure you may remember. The spouse and I are sleeping upstairs, on the floor of our family room between our kids bedrooms. One bathroom and no kitchen. It's like camping in your own house.

For my spouse's birthday I commisioned her a Phoebe dress. Her favorite part of it is the deep pockets.

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