Woohoo! Got my 5K in before the sun was totally gone and the rain got me.

I love this song.

Tonic - If You Could Only See

Music video by Tonic performing If You Could Only See. (C) 1996 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Our hen that hatched two chicks and her survivor. I think the other one got taken by a snake that subsequently lost its head over some stolen eggs.

To most tractor savvy people this is the reverse thread half of a three point top link. Today, to me, it's a hammer.😃

Oh, and I'm listening to the Jam while I'm doing it. How many Texas farmer/ranchers can claim that.😃

Finished my 5K just as the sun went down. Was 93°F(34C) when I started.

Doing my 5K in my brand new Hoka One One Bondi 6 running shoes. I'm running on marshmallows.

The parts of my latest homemade tool, the 6mm nozzle tool. The crumpled piece if foil gets stuffed into the 6mm socket, the socket goes on the end of the quarter in hex adapter which goes into the handle. This allows me to remove and replace hot nozzles and get plenty of torque to tighten and lossen them.

Before and after loosening the aforementioned screw. I think that pretty much fixed it

Another possible issue is the wire ties holding the extruder cable bundle to the bowden tube. They seem awfully tight and might be restricting filament flow. Tomorrow at work, I'll pay a visit to the server room where they have double sided Velcro laying around everywhere for bundling fiberoptic jumpers. I'll reappropriate a few pieces to see if it helps.

Guitar player sporting a Police tshirt. Quite nice. Now there's a band I wish would tour again.

Hootie and the Blowfish were quite good tonight. Very enjoyable show. They rocked the house. Much better than I expected. I wasn't the biggest Hootie fan back in the day but spouse was.

Bare Naked Ladies opened for Hootie and the Blowfish. They were quite good and enjoyable.

I was told if you have a swastika in your house, you're a nazi. I have one. Does this make me a nazi? Sometimes SJWs need to tap the brakes.

We had a long power outage here. Finally got the grill started.

Hellacious storm blowin' in. Just what we need, more rain.

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