What projects are you working on right now?

@brandon My repstrap 3D printer, an EMT8 3D printer, a Rostock Delta 3D printer and trying to get good at making 3D printable items with Blender.

@DistroJunkie Have you made anything yet that you'd like to show us? :)

@DistroJunkie !!! Those are adorable! Are they hard or are they malleable?

@brandon They are made of PLA (PolyLactic Acid). It's a hard, somewhat brittle plastic that you cannot leave in your car when it's warm.

@DistroJunkie Well considering the 3D printer is only $250, I'm not surprised that they use a plastic that melts at such a low temperature

@brandon A $3000 printer can use that same filament. There are different kinds of plastic that you can use. PLA is normally the cheapest, made from dormant considered biodegradable. ABS is much harder to use, costs about the same, smells like crap but is much tougher. PETG costs more, requires a better printer, as does Nylon and TPU.

@DistroJunkie wow, I'm glad to hear that PLA is biodegradable at least

@geniusmusing @brandon I think they did a study somewhere (can't remember where) that showed if it ends up in a landfill, it may never completely break down.

@brandon @distrojunkie I had some PLA in water for over a year at room temp, nothing changed and it still floated.

@geniusmusing @DistroJunkie Huh, that's unfortunate, I wonder who decided it was biodegradeable when it isn't

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