- Have a deeply recursive function in
- Rewrite it naively in
- Compile with `cargo build --release`
- Notice it is now 10× *slower*

…hmm, that wasn't what I expected!

Wow, the community really is amazing! I posted a fairly beginner question on r/rust just now, and within 10 minutes I got 8 comments—7 of them were attempted solutions, 6 of them were *correct* solutions, and 2 of them had full, running code samples/diffs.

And *none* of them called me dumb or implied I don't know how to program—even though I made a classic beginner mistake (solving ownership issues with excessive use of `clone()` instead of by understating my code better)

@codesections I love the community but can leave the language. Great role model for any other language or community.

@DistroJunkie just curious: what don't you like about the language?


@codesections I just don't. Don't like many of the new languages and have grown tired of them. Seems like we're constantly making new languages that supposedly do new and wonderful things but they really don't. Then my coworkers make the argument that if we used this new language, we'll be able to do wonderful things. We do, and then don't and then must fix new and horrible things. I contend that any one of many of our old languages will fit the bill. I vote for C. Old Graybeard.😃

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