So this is my next project. It's the 48VDC rectifier cabinet I salvaged from the scrap heap at work. I pulled the transformers, SCRs and associated circuitry(very heavy) out of it and left it there. The front panel had old analog guages on it along with some breakers, switches and indicator light on it. Wish I'd taken a picture before I scrapped all that but I was in a hurry before they changed their mind about me taking it. I plan to transform this into a corexy 3D printer that will be heated.

@DistroJunkie Looking forward to seeing the progress on this one!!

@DistroJunkie I'm very interested in CoreXY. Having a plan on the shelf to build a laser engraver and the CoreXY technique could prove to be very useful for that project.

@ericbuijs Did you see my link to the corexy website the other day? Maybe yesterday?

@DistroJunkie I haven't but I will take a look at it tomorrow. Must get some sleep first. :D

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