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DistroJunkie @DistroJunkie

Next week my should arrive and I'll be switching from to . I thought I'd take this last opportunity to share the apps I use on android:

Email -
Map & navigation -
Face2face -
Browser - or
Privacy -
Text -
Email -
Podcast -
Video -

Repo -

I use the stock phone apps for clock, file access and calendar with no online access

@DistroJunkie but isn't Ubuntu touch dead, like no more updates?

@Ubports is alive and well. They could tell you more on their project. Look up their work with the !

Nope. It's quite alive and community driven. Despite the fact that they don't have any Shuttleworth money behind them, they're very much alive.

@DistroJunkie also you could check out purism. They seem to making a kick ass Linux phone.

Oh, I am fully aware of the phone. It's not here yet and I want out of the world now. Besides, the Librem is $600 while I can get a for $99 and it's here now. I intend to get a Librem5 when they come out. We'll see how it goes.

@DistroJunkie well that just made me giddy. I'll have to look into that and possibly buy a nexus device to run it until I can get a librem5

@DistroJunkie of you don't mind, where did you pick up your nexus5?

@DistroJunkie What's Noise? I ddg'd it, but didn't find anything.

It's the CopperheadOS fork of Signal, no dependence on gapps.

@DistroJunkie Ah ok. Signal works without gapps now, so I guess I'm ok.

@DistroJunkie Yeah. It will use GCM if you have Google Play Services installed, but if you don't, it just runs a background process to notify you of new messages. I'm using it on LineageOS.

@DistroJunkie What about the keyboard? Do you just use Gboard or something different? I was thinking the other day that the keyboard itself is actually a piece of software which we trust with all kinds of personal information and passwords etc, which is different to a physical keyboard on a computer.


That's a problem I have nit conquered yet. Any input?

@DistroJunkie Not really, as I use Gboard. I'm aware that there are alternatives out there, and I know some people who use SwiftKey, but as with many of Google's services, Gboard is a good piece of software. I don't like the Google aspect and I'll probably change at some point, but a lot of Google's tools / services, Gboard included, are very polished and easy to use, so I haven't looked into alternatives because of Gboard's convenience.

I admit their software is good and very convenient but google services aren't really free. One of my life goals is to eliminate them from my life.



I replace and then disable gboard voluntary key logger with anysoftkey keyboard (installed from F-Droid) google know enough already, and its one less way they can transcribe, categorise and sort my life into a searchable index file

@jason @DistroJunkie I completely agree with you both. It's just something I haven't gotten around to dealing with yet. @DistroJunkie I'll be interested to see how your experience with Ubuntu Touch goes.

@jason This toot brought to you by AnySoftKeyboard. Just swapped from Gboard — thanks for the pointer. It appears to be a keyboard that is just as clean and simple to use. No swipe type but I can deal with that.

@Index I guess, now we can say it was the Copperhead OS fork of Signal.