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I've heard that it is possible to load Touch on the Nexus5 for use in the USA. Can you confirm this and how do I go about loading it?

@DistroJunkie @Ubports I was listening to yesterday, who had one of the Ubiports guys on there. He definitely mentioned the Nex5 as a compatible device.

@Ubports @kev
Will you support the Nexus5X as well or just the plain Nexus5? Sorry for all the questions but I need to know before I spend the money. Besides, I feel like putting it put here on Mastodon gets the word out among folks who'll maybe use your OS. Kinda like fishing in a stocked pond.😃

@DistroJunkie a community member is working on it, but it's a very difficult task and it's not sure he will succeed, sorry @kev

@Ubports @kev
Is there a way in Ubuntu Touch to augment storage on the phone through the USB port with a thumb drive or computer?

DistroJunkie @DistroJunkie

@Ubports @kev
Well, I'm going to jump in with both feet to see if I cannot make a Nexus5 running Ubuntu Touch my daily driver. I will have to modify much of my behavior but I am willing if the reward is to be rid of android and google. Thanks for your help. I will be sharing my progress on Mastodon and maybe we can inspire others to give it a go.

@DistroJunkie thanks! If you need any help you just have to ask /cc @kev