Loaded OTA5 on my UbuntuTouch phone. Had a few hiccups but it remains my daily driver.

Many people are turning to WhatsApp as a "more private" alternative to Facebook, but our research found that most don't realize that Facebook OWNS WhatsApp (or that Google owns Waze).

Learn more: spreadprivacy.com/facebook-wha

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Just got called out for a problem that they've known about all day, others have worked on all day without resolution, they've gone home without fixing and now I get to drive back to work and remediate. I'm perturbed.

Monday morning starts with a conference call every week of which only about 10% applies to me. It's so hard to stay focused for the call should they call my name. They normally do.

Summer's back is finally broken. We have hard gusts of 20mph out of the north and temps in the 40s. Wore my hoodie to work this morning.

Always thought beekeeping was super cool. With this hive, I might try doing it myself:

We just rode out a tornado warning. All we had was lots of rain, nickel sized hail, thunder, lightning and heavy winds. Our road is flooded so we can't get out and there's another tornadic storm brewing to our west.

We caught the Steeldrivers at the Kessler Theater in Dallas last night. Fantastic band if you dig bluegrass and one of the best venues I've ever experienced. It was like having the band play in your living room. If you ever get the chance, I strongly recommend watching a show there.

So what did we do at the State Fair of Texas today? We hung out in the buildings waiting for it to quit raining.

TFW you realize that you left the power supply for your laptop at the office. Fortunately I keep a backup at the house.

I got a call from our 24 hour monitoring people and fortunately, the problem isn't anything I can fix. Now I'm awake and cannot go back to sleep. So I'm worrying about tin whiskers.


Facebook sneakily uses "shadow contact info" to ad target, reports @kashhill.

"...when a user gives FB a phone number for 2FA or in order to receive alerts about new log-ins to a user’s account, that phone # became targetable by an advertiser..."

Shame. gizmodo.com/facebook-is-giving

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Facebook has been hacked. If you still have an account, login to see if you were among the 50 million affected. Whether affected or not, we agree with @bxchen's advice:
* Change your password.
* Check where else you're logged in.
* Turn on 2FA. nytimes.com/2018/09/28/busines

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"Most consumers are either unaware of the personal info they share online or, quite understandably, unable to determine the cost of sharing it — if not both."

@lesliekjohn on the dangers of uninformed users in the digital age & how policymakers can help. hbr.org/cover-story/2018/09/un

Original tweet: twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

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Please help us test the first Beta of Lubuntu with LXQt! t.co/7tDnxXUryP tweeted by @LubuntuOfficial

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