Is Anbox needed on Ubuntu Touch or does it hinder free software? And... what is 'dogfooding' anyway?

Find out more in this #Audiocast while #community members Wayne and Joe discuss #Anbox - the controversial and exciting upcoming #UbuntuTouch feature and 'dogfooding' (what it means and why it matters) and more...


Highlight: @duckduckgo Founder Gabriel Weinberg says we “absolutely” need regulation to limit data tracking: “It’s been 20 years of the internet [with] no regulation and that’s why you’re seeing all of the data collection go completely out of control.” 

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New bright orange filament. I love this color.

OMW home tonight, we have an empty nest for the evening and I'm getting takeout Chinese for the spouse and me. Is this our future?

Most censorship techniques adopted by ISPs around the world are subtle, so it can be hard to distinguish intentional government censorship from transient network failures or other issues.

Transparency is essential.

OONI's dataset is probably the largest publicly-available resource on internet censorship to date:

A 2-part comprehensive guide on quitting Google:

Part I: Backup, migrate, & delete your Google account
Part II: Replace Google hardware, web browser, services, & OS

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Turns out, it's not wise to make private videos with a phone that does all of its storage on the cloud, even if you're not a famous Fox Sports anchor

Work this week has been a bear. Little time for any kind of life. Sucks.

Creality Ender 3 update:
1) Assembled the printer in less than 2 hours.
2) Packaging was magnificent.
3) Despite the wonderful packaging, the housing for the Z limit switch wiring broke in shipment. I just put the loose socket on its pin. Works great but I want another housing. Trying to identify the part number without luck.
3) Print quality for a $200 printer is outstanding.
4) Wheels instead of bearings are very quiet. Amazing.

Google and Facebook are to your privacy what cigarettes are to your health. Quit now, and switch to these amazing alternatives! 💪😀


Working on Saturday sucks. It sucks more when you get rear-ended at a red light on your way to work.

I'd much rather stay home from work and play. Did manage to sleep in after a hard night at work.

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Now it has arrived and I've no time to assemble and play with it. Worked until midnight tonight. Probably working late tomorrow. And I was told I probably need to work this weekend. Life is so unfair.

@Wimpress And now I've heard more about it in the S11E37 episode of the Ubuntu Podcast. We'll definitely have to give it a go. (and yes, I'm catching up on all the podcasts I missed over the holiday.)

K. Resistance is futile. The Creality Ender3 3D printer is all the rage in the hobby 3D printing community. I broke down and ordered one. Already shipped.

My son and I are rebuilding our home server and we are going to use Samba and LVM because I want him to learn about them. I listened to Linux Unplugged during my commute this morning and heard @Wimpress make his presentation on Snapraid. Sounds very interesting and robust.

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