I'm in the job hunt and it's good but I didn't impress during a coding part and that company passed on me. Too bad, they were very interesting to me. Oh well keep trying.

I'm upset because HBOMax wouldn't show the house of the dragon episode. Garbage!

usa news 


>On their website, they claim to also target electric SUV's because they say all SUVs are dangerous


>Hybrids and electric cars are fair game. We cannot electrify our way out of the climate crisis

Ha, I thought maybe the news was mistaken since they often do such low effort to cover the news, but this anti-SUV group really does say that they will deflate the tires of electric cars too.

programming languages that I would love to learn if I had more time, unordered:

- ocaml
- scheme: chicken or racket
- go
- Rust

Finished listening to a Retronauts podcast, ranking the 2D mario games. Their result are:

01 super mario bros 3
02 super mario bros
03 super mario world
04 super mario bros 2
05 new super mario U
06 super mario land
07 super mario land 2
08 donkey kong
09 super mario bros wii
10 super mario bros 2
11 lost levels
12 new super mario bros
13 mario bros
14 mario clash
15 mario run

Personally, I was a Sega guy so I've only played a few, will use this to guide my next gaming

Gonna be playing Chrono Trigger for the first time today. The Something Awful forums is having a thread about it to play along with.

I wasn't answering my phone for a long time because of all the spam calls. But I'm tired of all the voice mails that I have to check later. The voicemail app is slow and has bad ux. So now I just pickup the call and immediately hang up. A human will call back. So far only one time has it been a non spam call that called back. I hate that my phone calls are all spam. I heard stir/shaken will help, please get here soon if so!

everyone saying the log4j exploit is serious but how bad can it be without its own icon and website and named something like "log4jammin"

I don't know why, but I was thinking about the ecosystem of free hosting stuff that was on the web back when I was first getting into coding. Subdomain hosting like cjb.net and c4.to were popular. Seems both are gone now. There was also free image hosting, and a site that had scripted The Gimp to generate text into an image in a fancy way.

So many recruiter emails. I hate the two follow-up emails of "just checking in" and "don't want it to get lost in spam." It is spam!

Now I just always reply to the first email with "no thanks" just to keep the follow-on emails from coming. I wish I had a quick one-button to block these fools in my email.

I just completed "Dive!" - Day 2 - Advent of Code 2021 adventofcode.com/2021/day/2

Working in which I already know but don't get enough opportunities to use :-)

Mastodon, Matrix chat, NextCloud, tildeverse, I feel like there is a lot of overlap in attitudes in these communities. I'm hoping for good things to arise from them and be amplified by them.

If you give a programmer a programming task, they'll probably want a CI environment, so they can test their code.

If you give them a CI environment, then you'll probably find you need an e-mail server to send notifications.

If you set up an e-mail server, then you'll probably find you need DNS, to direct the mail with an MX record.

If you set up a DNS server, then you'll probably find you need to keep the DNS configuration under version control.

If you set up a git repository, then...

I have to come to the realization that if you have a custom email address (not backed by G or M) and/or you self host you're email, we're friends :)


We had one phone line growing up. When we got our 28k modem we got a 2nd phone line. Later with broadband that second line became my sister's dedicated phone line. There used to be so much contention for communication when I was young. Imagine fighting over one phone line. Now so many avenues for voice, text, video communication.

Drew Devault's sourcehut is a source of inspiration. Fully libre software without artificial barries, and as a business, it contributes to other libre software projects in both code and money.

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Does it matter what home server I join? Does everyone just join the official one? Mastodon has a lot of server options but I'm not seeing as many for matrix. If Fosstodon has one I'm not seeing it.

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