I want to learn ocaml but still feel like I have a long way to go with Scala. The grass is always greener on the other side.

I play video games while riding my exercise bike. Right now emulation for FF7 and THPS2 on my phone with a Bluetooth controller. Sweat may eventually ruin this controller but they are easy to replace.

That feeling of writing a lot of nice code to scratch an itch and getting everything to work at the end of it! ❤️

There's probably no direct lineage, but I just remembered a blog generator called Blosxom that I was using 15 years ago, and realized it is quite like in some respects -- e.g. no database. web.archive.org/web/2008010616

Though I'm saddened by the recent layoffs at , it's good to see the latest mobile (seems excellent) and a steady pace of releases.

Finally read the article about how plain text email is a barrier to open source contribution. The drama feels over blown. I do want open source contributions to avoid proprietary systems, but this person asking for lower barrier of entry sound like a worthy discussion. I haven't contributed via a mailing list before. I love the open nature of email. Could html email ever be supported? I think I need to learn more about email.


Lenovo P53 laptop can get up to 64GB of RAM. What else is out there for maxing out laptop specs?

For every feature you implement in your program there will be someone demanding an option to turn it off

Mastodon is a very interesting group of places. I started in mastodon.social to share my linux and foss journey. But it feels like twitter and I don't like twitter like most of mastodon users. There must be an extra effort to make people see and criticise my workflow. I didn't realize that there is specialized instances like this. Here, I am motivated to share and read others experiences. Let take over the world :ac_heart:

Gave mailpile.is a try, and it's pretty close to what I want but still has some bugs. Is there another self-hostable webmail that I should check out? I don't run my own email server just want a better webmail than my provider gives.

Garmin Connect still down 😭 I want to post my run from this morning

Really into playing the 16 bit and 32 bit games. Most any Android phone can do it easily. I've got a Bluetooth controller because touch controls really don't work for this. Giving some time to Metroid Zero Mission and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 this weekend. 👍😎👍

I saw the comet with my Dad. It was really nice 😀

up and to the right :-(

Is there a bot that posts these kinds of things?

Lists in this mastodon thing is weird. Lots of clicking away when i'm done instead of some kid of "save" button. Also, searching for people that i already follow isn't so much fun, i only follow a few i'd rather scroll through the list and see what inspires me to put things together into a list. requires a lot of up-front thought to do this list thing. ~toot~

@stevegenoud hi, found you old blog about groups in mastodon. The federa.site/ doesn't load for me. What's the status of the project? It sounded useful.

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