@surendrajat and i would be interested in your result and opinion if you try that :)

@surendrajat ok this is a different use case i never thought about but nice idea. when i installed earlier this day i saw pihole uses StevenBlack hosts (see github.com/pi-hole/pi-hole/blo and github.com/StevenBlack/hosts) you could use the hosts-file from there and mix it with your local hosts-file. ok there will be no statistics and stuff but no need to run any service, etc. did not read much there but you can for sure make a small script that updates the entries on a click.

@surendrajat did you install it on a rpi? why with docker? had it running here really good for a long time without. just for fun i made a small test. putting pi-hole inside docker slows it down by about 17% on same machine (rpi4). can't imagine that this is the cause of your problems but just try without docker. installation is so easy they have a really good installation-wizard that even configures you pi for static ip

"Dear Web Developers: No, I don't want to download your stupid app"

by This_Hippo

Mit den #Cookies ist es eigentlich ganz einfach:

Sind sie für die Funktion der Webseite notwendig, bedarf es keiner #Einwilligung

Der Anbieter fragt (und nervt) per Cookie Banner nur deswegen, weil er mit uns darüber hinaus (!) #Tracking machen möchte, um uns besser wirtschaftlich ‚verwerten‘ zu können

Lässt er das bleiben ist alles ok. Einfach eben.


@nebunez keycloak btw. is amazing. our users (different domains for different servers-configs) can self-register now and get the right server assigned. you don't want to let few hundred users self configure the jitsi servers in jitsiadmin and support the problems ;)

@nebunez Definitely! Look at the changelog of the last two weeks: github.com/H2-invent/jitsi-adm You can plan meetings, set moderator-permission, permission to share desktop and write private message for reach participant, can invite to open meetings and invite people directly when you have their addresses. you don't need anything else than jitsi any more. only for streaming to hundreds of people any other solution.

@nebunez to make public meetings where users can register and assign servers to users via openid-provider-groups

Our connected to with the new features, developed for us, becomes a swiss army knife for video conferences! ftw!

Interessante Info des Bundesgesundheitsministeriums: Die datenschutzfreundlich umgesetzten Updates der Corona-Warn-App hat die Meldequote von positiven Corona-Tests von zunächst rund 50% auf 73% steigen lassen. Das ist super, kann aber noch besser werden. Werben statt Bashing

@Johann150 portknocking; Node Red webhook; small Script in Webserver, called from you; Something like that could Help. And fail2ban 😎

Not to forget, that this is only possible because of an awesome open source project and help of

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Yesterday, we had 111 concurrent users in one conference... New record here. That is a really cool piece of software!

@josaur Also zum Verständnis... Die Dienstleistung die die Firma verkauft ist aber nicht Datenschutz, oder?

I made a sudoku-solving php-skript many years ago for a box of beer. to prevent loosing it i publised it on github and updated it a little bit so everyone who is interested can have a look on how i did it and how much i was willing to work for beer in my youth: github.com/AlexanderGabriel/Su

@Eltonyio i'd prefer using the native synology apps. not sure if nextcloud inside docker on a synology nas will run good. i have nextcloud on a real server and that runs good even online document editing but i have a synology nas here locally and would not want to install nextcloud on it. better first try synology calender and contacts bevore wasting time. its without risk. if you're not happy, you can still do that or try nextcloud on a pi4 or vm

"When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence." -Anonymous

I came across this quote, while doing some unrelated work and, while I'm not one to post/toot quotes, this one just rang a bell.

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