Yeesh. I rebuilt my ThinkPad yesterday, moving from Fedora :fedora: to Zorin :zorin:, and got around to my Mycroft :mycroft: configuration sometime around 1:30 in the morning today. Could NOT get things working with the AWS Polly TTS. I spent at LEAST 90 minutes today going back and fixing what my sleep deprived brain screwed up last night. It turns out I'm not in my 20s anymore, and my brain doesn't work as well as it used to in the wee hours of the morning.

@mike i installed it this morning after i tested on a vm yesterday. looks good. nice assistants. asks for my email and nextcloud accounts after installation. now testing to get my games running. i bet if you give 100 normal pc users a cd and a blank device, 60% will switch from windows. maybe it's really time to kick windows out. it the pro worth the money disregarding(? not native english) of supporting the project?


@mike i found a problem that more distros have. flatpack, snapd. i don't understand why this exists. f.e. i use keepassxc and chromium browser but on ubuntu there is chromium as flatpack or snapd only. both won't work with keepassxc browser plugins so i ended up in adding a repository for chromium browser. i'm experienced so i made this but why is there another ecosystem for packages and another and another? every time i come in touch with such things i think: please stop making good things bad

@DigitalInfinity I think they're trying to improve things, but they start using it before it's ready and it ends up not working like they wanted. Personally, I try to avoid snaps and flatpack as much as possible for just the reasons you mention. It just adds another layer of complexity on something that SHOULD be easy. So, short story long, I don't think you're wrong. You might be getting old, but if you are I'm right there with you.

@mike i have to admit, i switched to debian now... No flatpack, no snapd, keepassxc and chromium work fine together. Back to basics ;)

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