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Well friends, I don't always have the choice of OS at work and, under Windows, I can use / NotePad++.

To that end, I made a equivalent to what I did on Geany. Not knowing all the languages, it's quite possible that there are retouching to do (if you like the colors presented below of course) ☺️

Thank you for your feedback / retoots ! 🖖🏼☺️


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Here you are friends, if you want to do something with my cartoon you're more than welcome ! Quote me somewhere of course and ask me before if you plan to make a bunch of money with 🤗

RT very appreciated ! ( cc @inkscape )

The .svg is available on my Gitlab 👇🏼

2.99.8 is out. Highlights : multi-layer cloning, wider coverage of graphic tablets on Windows, JPEG-XL importing/exporting, PSB importing, support for larger-than-4GiB PSD files, and more. Windows/Linux builds available, macOS build is in the works />

If you paint a donkey with zebra's colors, will it become a zebra or still remains a donkey?

Facebook plans to change its name as part of company rebrand – report | #Facebook

We're proud to have one of the most lightweight JavaScript snippets in the analytics industry. Clocking in at less than 1KB, our script will not add any bloat to your site or cause performance issues.

"30 minutes ago I replaced Google Analytics with lightweight Plausible. The graph below shows the instant impact on JS Decoded Body Size measured in RUM"

I wonder and hope this situation will help to last actual equipments 🤔 « The chips are down : why there's a semiconductor shortage »

Dear fellow European software engineers,

Don’t. Just don’t. How much can they pay you to better enslave humanity by helping them improve their panopticon? No amount is worth having to live with this complicity.

#facebook #surveillanceCapitalism

/ « The is here to serve as your map to human knowledge. Pulled from 107,233,728 journal articles, The General Index is a searchable collection of keywords and short sentences from published papers that can serve as a map to the paywalled domains of scientific knowledge. » 🔎

« The following is an overview of our recent platform design activities, particularly libadwaita. It will give an idea of what is currently going into the platform from a UXD perspective, as well as some of things that people might expect from the platform in the future »

Oh I miss the ( ! 🤫 But maybe it's a good time to try/discover this old language well named thanks to " GNU Ada Development Environment " AKA and thru this article by Seth Kenlon />

In the village of Nashtifan, Iran, some of the oldest windmills in the world, with what may be the earliest windmill design in the world, still spin.
Made of natural clay, straw, and wood, they have been milling grain for flour for an estimated 1,000 years

I am sick and tired of constantly reviewing settings in web browsers to see if they have snuck in some new tracking mechanism that I get to disable because "your privacy is important to us".

I am sick and tired of all the black UX that goes into this, like opt out instead of opt in, or at least providing top level choices like, say, Fuck NO I'd NEVER EVER Like You To Track ANYTHING Now And In Every Perceivable Future. Like sync'ing every setting in your profile except tracking related settings, because hey that way you might by mistake opt out of tracking on another installation where you really wanted to be tracked. The list goes on and on.

Browsers are critical infrastructure and clearly an open source stamp on them fails in itself to provide any meaningful shield towards capitalist subversion.

I'd like a browser with a license that explicitly rules out *any* kind of commercial entity or interest contributing or directing development.


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